Why do new year resolutions fail for some people?

New year resolution fails for so many reasons, little will i state below.

1. LACK OF WILL POWER. most people desire a change, they know fully the bad they want to change, but they find themselves doing that same thing few days after the new year, you must have the willingness to go through that change at all cost.

2.LACK OF SELF DISCIPLINE. I had a friend who really what to stop drinking and he makes that same resolution year in year out, his resolution never last a week because he lack the discipline to say no to alcohol, he is still battling that addiction.

3. WISHFUL THINKING. Another reason is wishful thinking, you see someone excited about the new year, only wishing he stops a particular habit or life style, it won't just happened because you said it or because you wrote it down, resolution is a progress and I want you to know fully that change doesn't come instantly, it takes patience, commitment, discipline and realistic goal setting to make a resolution and follow it through.

As the new year is approaching, check out your resolution and ask this questions.

Am I willing to discipline myself to achieve this?

Is the resolution goals achievable?

Am I ready to commit myself to achieve this?

If you can put a yes to those questions, then you are good to go.

Happy new year in advance.



1. Laziness. Humans are simply lazy. I'm not left out of this. Sometimes we know how much the resolutions mean to us but we just can't get ourselves up to work on them.

2. Procrastination. This is connected to laziness. We keep on pushing our plans until the year comes to an end. Most time we simply push the plans to the following year

3. Unrealistic expectations. Most people believe new year resolutions have to be fill of sparkles. That's why they set out to achieve things they are not prepared for. At the end, it's a futile struggle and they have to give up

4. Unforeseen circumstances. This happens to everyone. You write out a plan and them life gives you circumstances that change everything. This are usually bad occurrences


Above all else, I never make new year goals. I trust change accompanies time and I certainly slide myself into it. New year goals as far as I can tell are intended to be things and propensities we need to either drop or start up.

These things accompany time. You don't simply wake up and state you are finished with a specific thing particularly if its something you are affectionate off.

The human personality keeps on chronicle everything and plays it back in s circle for us. Breaking that circle suddenly is a major undertaking. We may let ourselves know as the new year comes, things need to change however its generally futile.

These are my reasons.

1. Old propensities are hard to die. Saying you wonna stop a propensity isn't as simple as it sounds. There will dependably be slip ups and on the off chance that you neglect to temind yourself this is something you need or need to stop, well, its back to the point where it all began from one year from now right....

2. The mental reasons are dependably the executing blow. Contemplating how repetitive whatever the objective is will dependably aim a descending winding of your assurance. Most occasions individuals take up being more beneficial as a goals. Studies demonstrate that just 12% make it to the second seven day stretch of February in the new year which as I would like to think is a feeble however valiant exertion.

3. Individuals accomplish a greater amount of what they appreciate and less of what is critical. New year goals are forever what's imperative like keeping solid. However, at that point when you think about the way that you're going to have a sound serving of mixed greens for supper and not a cheeseburger or pizza wigh twofold cheddar topping, we start to over think it and once more, there goes the assurance.

4. We generally give ourselves a lot to do. Recording an extensive rundown of things to change or be a piece of our start. It starts to burden you and the present way of life and our desires outperform our physical capacities and we are left with the expectation that our feelings keep us sufficiently decided to do this not insignificant rundown of inevitable disappointment.

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I remember I write resolution for every new year but none has ever been fulfilled as I wrote. And deep within me, I know the reasons why they fail. And funny enough am still planning to make a new one by new year if God keeps me alive to witness it but maybe am going to make a change this time knowing I have come across this wonderful question.

First why resolutions fail is due to proper planning with Chuck down steps to actually fulfil them. This point is my major point of failure because though I have my plans writing down I don't really have means to which I plan to fulfil them and this becomes a constrain to me actually fulfilling the resolution.

Secondly, I only wish to have them done, I actually doesn't put in a strong desire to make it happen. It becomes just like a normal routine where I have to make it happen but doesn't take it serious to a point where am pushed to make it happen.

Finally, there are no resources be it financially, material or humanly to accomplish the set goals, this on it own brings more failure than any other factors that result to failure in writing down or verbally professing resolution.

In addition, sometimes it's not written down , we only say it verbally and end up forgetting what we initially wanted to accomplish for the year.