Who do you think is more unfaithful,women or men?


Since infidelity is a very touchy and private subject, we may never have exact statistics to measure this variable accurately, but it is safe to say that, due to a historical pattern that has favor machismo around the world to the expense of female sexual oppression, men have been historically favored with that “prerogative”. 

Obviously, both sexes have the potential for infidelity, this one being a simple reaction against monogamy. Human beings, like all other animals, have sexual urges that go beyond social standards and regulations. Most species, especially mammals are polygamous (at least sexually speaking). Obviously, the human expectation towards monogamy is one full of double standards and hypocrisy. Historically, the same religious leaders who may impose moral norms tend to break them.

But, even if we assume that biology does not play that much of a role, societies have provided mechanism to foment masculine infidelity and suppress feminine urges. The only women allowed to openly relate polygamously are prostitutes, the group historically branded as outcast and subject to humiliations, but also the group encouraged to promote and perpetuate male infidelity.

Motherhood, as traditionally stipulated (total devotion to the care and rasing of children, of which fathers may or may not have such an active role) usually works (even if unconsciously) as a deterrent of infidelity, and yet we know of countless cases of mothers who, given certain circumstances, may be unfaithful to their partners. Again, not having reliable statistics, we can only say that this tends to be the exception to the rule. Since men are, even today, traditionally assigned the role of provider and are "out in the streets" while women stay home, age and lose graces taking care of children, the chances of men being unfaithful increase exponentially.

The religious premise according to which we shall not covet our neighbor’s spouses or sin even in our thoughts is a negation of human biology and psychology. Modernly, infidelity may include actions not necessarily sexual, such as sexting or some other kind of virtual interactions. That has opened up new doors for women to express more freely without feeling that they are committing adultery or sinning in the traditional sense.

In any case, in terms of anecdotal evidence, it can be assumed that men are more prone to and incur in more acts of infidelity, allegedly because societies expect them to behave in a certain way and that includes the reaffirmation of their masculinity which usually collides with the moral and ethical standards  established by some sectors of the same society.

Pop culture has done very little to help on this issue. When we see the musical videos of the most popular singers (male and female) what we see is the promotion of polygamy as a way of life and a reaffirmation of our individual rights to life, liberty and happiness. Women are encouraged to follow suit, but then they have to face social ostracism. As I mentioned earlier, historically moral codes are more heavily applied to women, even though some religious sacred texts established equal punishment for both trespassers.

Thus, women may restrain from following their sexual urges, not because they are incapable of or more morally righteous, but because they have indoctrinated to be faithful, respectful, tolerant and avoid licentiousness. Much of that is changing, though and if we could get accurate stats on this matter, I think many would be surprised at how close the genders are in this department (at least in some cultures).       

In any case, infidelity is a plague, one that has ruined many a life and that threatens to destroy whatever expectation we build around human beings as creature superior to other animals. It is a big contradiction to social contracts and should be dealt with accordingly. Societies need more honesty define what is it that they want from people and families (or even if becoming families is our ultimate purpose) and help those families grow healthily without having to deal with so many mixed messages that only contribute to trample on what has been build with our hands.


First all let me state that unfaithfulness can be done by any gender and it depends on the personality of the person..

On the off chance that we're discussing heterosexual , clearly not one or the other, in light of the fact that each heterosexual intercourse has one male and one female member. (Without a doubt, you can actually have group sex however I think the extent of group sex out of all sex can be viewed as unimportant.)

Be that as it may, if the inquiry is which sex, by and large, needs more severely to have intercourse with accomplices other than their life partner, it is difficult to state. On one hand, men have progressively dynamic sex drivers however there is something else entirely to being horny or having dreams to really being prepared to undermine one's life partner. Then again, it is a whole lot simpler for a lady who truly needs to undermine their accomplice to discover a man for a sexual experience.


In life! No gender is more unfaithful that the other. The reason I said so is cheating is just a mindset and nothing more. When you tune your mind to cheat, it is just an action taken as a result of your thoughts. So every gender cheats, no specific gender cheats more than the other.

Growing up I have realised that if you are a Godfearing person, you will be contented with your lover/partner and you will not see any reason to cheat. So that is just the case.

Being contented is just an act of Maturity. It is better to be satisfied with what we have else we loose it.

So when you talk about unfaithfulness, it is something majority of people do. Most men complain that women are the most unfaithful, while women too complain that men are the most unfaithful. My take is that when you focus your mind on being unfaithful, you find it hard to overcome it because evil things are very easy to do.

Being unfaithful to me never pays. 

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 Unfaithfulness is not a gender thing, it is an individual thing. It's just that society norms made it more pronounced in men as a result of restrictions on women. But now that equality is becoming prominent, unfaithful women are also coming out of their closet. 

Unfaithfulness is based on  a person's value not their gender.



Both sexes cheat, I agree

However, women typically slow it down as they grow older and have children.

Men on the other hand find it rather hard to stop when they get started on the infidelity path. If he's cheating on you before you get married, he's mostly likely going to continue until he's incapable of doing so


Infidelity - which is often considered a typical male behavior - is a fact of life for women.

Whether it is commended or saddened, this development must be emphasized: the number of women who deceive their husbands has been steadily increasing in recent years. And women take on more of their extra-marital differences!


In my own opinion, I think it's the men. A man can be in a relationship for months without falling inlove with the woman, but it's not so with the ladies. Women are the weaker vessels, ladies love so easily and wholeheartedly. I believe if you're in love you will have the fear to cheat.

When a lady is inlove ,she doesn't see any other man, all she sees is her partner. She loves her partner, so she doesn't want to cheat on him.

Men don't love that's why they cheat, they can have sex with five different ladies in a day comfortably. Their conscience doesn't disturb them. They are so hardened, so they can cheat anyday, anytime.


Women, just for the reason that it is easier for women and there is less backlash for being sexual free. i mean, look at porn, it's the majority women. For men its harder to be unfaitful and people don't tend to feel sorry for men if they do something wrong or bad.