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Do you feel irritated if people have a different opinion from yours? HOW do you react to a differing view?

I believe that everybody is entitled to their own opinions if this was not a part of life then the world would be a boring place.

I do get irritated if the information I am giving is 100% right and said person decides to not listen to me.

As a chef I was approached to by a customer, he told me he was allergic to tomatoes, I was working in a pizza shop at the time and he went on to tell me that he can only have BBQ sauce as if he ate tomato it would kill him.

I explained that BBQ sauce base is tomato and he went on to tell me that I was lying even though I had just made 6 litres of it.

He went on to tell me that he would die if he ate them so I had to be wrong, I asked him what he thought BBQ sauce was made from and he looked at me gone out, he said it is a sauce, I said to him yes it is but it is made up from tomatoes and this was used as a base.

He wouldn't take this as fact even though I showed him the recipe that I had followed, he was rude about it. I felt annoyed that I have been in this line of work for 15 years and when someone asks me a simple question like this they think that I am wrong.

When he left the shop I was really annoyed, I couldn't believe that he didn't take what I was say as fact. His opinion of what he thought was right was wrong but as I have said above it is what I said it was. 


Contrary views can sometimes make us feel uncomfortable, especially when it is a direct attack on a belief held so strongly knowingly or unknowingly. In such situation people tend to react from a defensive stand point, digging up instances that will make them right even if it is unreasonable....

However, having a open mind will turn the table around, an open mind gives a neutral view and observation comes before decision. The discuss is then considered objectively, weighing both sides before interpretation is done with careful reasoning.

Edward de Bono in his six " Thinking Techniques " called this type of thinking White Hat .

Thinking with the White Hat will definitely help accommodate others opinion with no irritation..


I do not feel irritated when someone has opinion that is different from mine,infact i love to hear the opinion of other people because i believe i can learn from it and also be able to add it to my own knowledge,i may disagree with the opinion of a person but i still believe they might make some meaninful points that will add to my knowledge..

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