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What is that one silly thing you believed in your youths that makes your head spin when thinking back?
Everyone appears to have some very ignorant beliefs they held back in their early childhood. Some even continued until adolescence before completely destroyed by reality. What are your memories that you're ashamed even thinking about? For me, there aren't many such memories. Maybe it's because I'm so smart, or I just have very poor memory. I recall one particular instance of being a complete derp. I was around the age of 12 and I believed that little people live inside of TV. When confronted with the truth, I ridiculed it as impossible. Not very proud of that memory.

I believed that a mother and child were residents of the moon. Lol. Every time I remember going out every other evening just to take a look at them, I laugh at myself.

Truthfully, you can't blame me, because they were in different positions everyday, sometimes, she's cooking with firewood, sometimes she's breastfeeding the baby and other times, she's just sitted with the baby on her lap, either pacifying the child or simply playing.

I don't know how I conjured those images because one day after some time that I haven't checked, I looked at the full moon and they weren't there anymore. I still wonder sometimes if she relocated or it was all my imagination.