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How do you keep your cool/Maintain calm when everything seems to be working against you?
In the midst of so many problems, how do you manage to be happy?

It is quite difficult to maintain calmness when things go rough and it seems like everything is against you but here are effective ways that work out for me:

1. Understand that you cannot please everybody. No matter how hard you try, you can never please everyone. At some point, you will be the "bad person" in someone else's story. Seek the light out of this, since you can never please every person you meet, why bother pleasing them right? Live for your self, not for others. I think the first step in living a happy life is just to let go of the negativity people think about you and focus on your growth instead. 

2. Let it go. Sometimes, we feel like being overwhelmed with everything in life because we tend to cling into people or things that continuously make our lives miserable. I think we need to let it go, in that way, the cycle of being overwhelmed by life's difficulties will not go over and over again.

3. Be grateful. Be grateful of the positive things so hard that no matter how difficult the challenges life throws at you, you will still remain strong and happy because you know deep in your heart that there is so much that life can offer. Always see the silver lining and never forget that there are plenty of things and people to be grateful of.

Those listed are just few of the things I do to remain calm when faced with adversities. I hope my answer helps!


Yes that is possible no matter how worse and volatile the situation is.

I think if you are doing meditation on a regular basis and if you know the correct method of meditation, then it will help you a lot in your emotional intelligence. Now a days many corporates are even including meditation in their leadership skill programs so that the employees who are being groomed up to become a leader at some stage, can able to maintain calm when it comes to worst scenario, because your calmness and stability at those moments becomes the deciding factor in handling a situation like that.

Second aspect which contributes to being calm is your experience in similar kind of situation in past and if you have handled the worst situation in past then it can help you a lot to learn from those situation and apply those in future, should there be any such situation again.

Your ability to foresee the world also gives your great inputs to remain calm in lean phases of life. If your foresight about the happening and developments across the world is stronger then you can really become easy in your worst situation, because you perceive that it is not the end of the world and there will be many opportunities for you in future.

Thank you and Have a great day.



In my opinion, how does one maintain self-calm?

1. Think positively and surrender to the Creator

believe that good fortune and bad luck are always there.
2.       Avoid excessive anxiety
always prejudiced positively
3.        Learn sincerity and forgiveness

forgive better before someone who makes a mistake apologizes

4.       Maintain a view

see what you need to do, don't look for the unnecessary

5.       Maintain the liver from various liver diseases

there are 4 liver diseases

1. jealousy

2. vengeful

3. arrogant

4. ria

thank you very much if you have read my answer. and I hope you criticize my answer so that it becomes additional knowledge for myself. thank you very much my friend


I have learnt that over the years that by keeping calm achieves a lot more than being stressed.

You need to think clearly so by stepping away and taking your time you can see what is required. I have done this more these days and it has helped me understand the situation much better.

If you dissect whatever is wrong and fix it piece by piece it is easier to overcome things that are wrong. Staying calm and removing all emotion is key. If you are in control of your emotions then you are more likely to succeed and remain happy.

Stress is a killer and it is not fun putting your self under these types of pressures. By remaining calm and relaxed you will see the bigger picture compared to those stressing around you. it takes a little experience to see this so stepping back and assessing is the key here.


I just pray to God to give me peace of mind and positive mindset . If everything seems not working according to my plan, I will just reflect and think what went wrong because If I get angry or pissed off. It will not do any good for me. I might end up getting stressed so I need to be cool and calm if possible. God always gives me peace of mind when I pray . I always let him in my life because he is my source. 


Remembering that all these events are transient and there would be a time when they are gone and you will eventually laugh at it. When it hits, it hits hard but it will pass. You've been through worse and any bad day won't be the last as long as you live. But there would better days and that's pretty much all you need to know. 


When everything seems to be working against me, I pray to God to guide me and give me strength to be calm despite the adversities.