Because people always argue when they talk about religion and political issues?


And that is why in business you never raise these topics.

I was always taught you never raise religion or politics as people have their own views on this and some take it very seriously.

Religion I would never raise as I don't have much view on it anyway. I believe in a super being and that is it. Everyone for them selves with that one. Politics is normally boring and you either on one side or the not. With trump around it has certainly upped the anti and bought interest levels up.

Sport is another topic that leads to arguments as everyone has their opinion. When people have  a passion  there is no getting through o them no matter what is right or wrong.

I learnt not to ask and just dodge it if ever raised.It is just not worth arguing over.


Peoples have strong feelings for things they hold dear, and therefore they will argue those issues strongly.

I know people who can argue over antiques the way people argue over religion.

Religion and Politics have very special place in our lives, because they directly influence out lives.

It is only natural that strong feelings get involved.