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Will you use explosives such as firecrackers during New Year or you will use Trumpet instead? What Can you say to the victims of Firecrackers incident?

I like to watch fireworks but I won't buy them. I think it is unfair on peoples pets at home.

If you visit the animal sanctuary or SPCA on the days after new year you will understand what effect it has. The kennels are full of dogs that ran away terrified and are now hoping to be collected by their owners.

I can remember seeing a dog at a house we were staying at and it had ripped off it's leg trying to escape. It had tried to get through a fence to get away from the noises.

People are inconsiderate and stupid when it comes to alcohol and fire crackers. i am not concerned about them as I have seen dumb things happen. I was watching a house last year shooting fireworks off from inside the house as it was raining. This is just stupid and anything could go wrong. People will never learn and see the dangers of these mini explosives.

There is nothing you can say to the victims as most of the time it is their own fault. More common sense needs to be used and people need to be responsible.


No, I won't use any of these. When I was younger, we were always buying some but not the heavy artillery, just those little ones but not any more. I've seen the ugly side of fireworks and was a victim once, so no more!

Many years ago we were at a street party and someone threw a small firework on me. I was lucky it landed on my (brand new) jacket and not on my face but later on when we were heading to the hotel, I saw a guy with a swollen black eye and burn marks. Could have been me in his place. I know someone (ex-army guy) who was standing in the middle of the street one year, with a firework in his hand, a car came by which distracted him, the firework exploded in his hand.  

Fireworks can hurt animals too. My heart is aching when i see them scared and running, not to mention how many get hurt, loose their eyes. We have a responsibility here, we have to protect people and animals as well and have to teach children to be careful. 

This is not a game, no matter how beautiful fireworks are. I used to watch the news after new year and there was always a report with how many people and (unfortunately) kids ended up in the emergency rooms, some blinded for life.  How many blown up warehouses I've seen or heard of worldwide. 

I'd say let's leave it to the professionals and not play with fire. 


I honestly don't see the point to fireworks. They're expensive regardless of if you're buying them yourself or hiring an expert (even if you don't pay to go see them the city or someone else is), and they're loud and obnoxious.

For people with PTSD, anxiety disorders and a variety of other illnesses plus any animals it's just a mess. The loud noises and/or bright flashes can be very triggering and it's awful. It also has a negative effect on any wildlife in the area.

On top of that they're basically legal bombs that people get to play with every year with no regard for safety so it's inevitable that someone ends up hurt and property ends up damaged. My mom used to work in insurance and every year basically 4th of July and New Years were some of the busiest seasons for fire-related claims because of fireworks, second really only to Thanksgiving and Christmas as people burned their houses down trying to deep fry turkeys or leaving ovens and stoves on trying to cook all the insanity of the holiday meal.

In a lot of farmland/rural areas they're even generally illegal to set off because of the danger to livestock, so I really feel like that should say something. They're pointless, expensive and dangerous and I really don't understand why people do it.