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What is the greatest gift you want to receive this Christmas?Why?

I think the best gift I can receive this Christmas is to spend this holiday season with a complete family. I know this is impossible because some of my family members work abroad and that they cannot go home this Christmas season but if only this wish can be granted, then yes that would be the greatest gift I could possibly receive this Christmas. I do not care much about fancy and expensive gifts but spending this time with my family will extremely bring joy to my heart.

It's been so long ever since I spent this season together with my family wherein we are complete. I remember it like it was a couple of years ago. If this wish cannot be granted, I will still be happy because even if we are far away from each other, we still show that we truly care and love one another. Not spending it with my loved ones sometimes make me sad during the holiday season hence, I do not usually celebrate it that much but hey, no one can have it all. As long as they are in good health, they are safe, I am grateful for that.

Interesting question and I hope my answer helps.