What is the best way to lose weight in a healthy way?
The best way to lose weight is to lose it permanently.

Diets all work.


In our modern world, the first thing that needs to happen is an opening of the mind.

For many,Mathis never happens because they are actually attached to their sad "I'm overweight and there is nothing I can do" story.

Much like many are attached to whatever their own sad story is.

Modern "helplessness syndrome" does not help much either.

Here is one really easy, and, super crucial component of getting well/losing weight:

Get up when the sun rises and go stand outside with your bare feet on natural earth/grass.

There are reasons for this.

But, it only works if...you do it.

A person messaged me on another platform and asked if I took direct questions.
I said I did and would even skype with him.

One I told him this one thing, I never heard back.

I mean, I'm not closing in on a million views of my answers over there....and I've never advised hundreds of people including billions n dollar supplement company execs on their weightloss programs for multi-million dollar advertising budgets that relied on my being able to get people to lose weight of a schedule, oh no.
I don't ever get people thanking me for my advice helping them get healthy.

Definitely I have NEVER been called an expert in this area.

Where is the sarcasm smiley when you need it?

People want it to be some complicated the no because they don't want to admit that it's them causing their own malady, whatever it is, through their daily habits. And modern daily habits have a huge tech component.

Getting back to nature and "fasting" completely from technology, especially social media and your "smart " phone...that will get you well on your way.

But, your addicted to it physically so we won't even go there...
E-GO 2018

To get thinner you have to make a calorie lacking by consuming more calories when contrasted with calories you are expending however steadily. A harmony between all the large scale and miniaturized scale supplements is vital as each supplement have its own particular part to play in your body. Plan your eating routine as your day by day calorie necessity which relies upon numerous variables including body structure, BMR, every day physical movement included, wellbeing and wellness status. Following are few hints to enhance your way of life:

Have little and regular dinners.

Incorporate new and occasional natural products in the middle of your suppers to nibble solid.

Enjoy protein and fiber rich alternatives like sprouts plate of mixed greens, bubbled beans serving of mixed greens, bubbled egg serving of mixed greens, and considerably more to keep yourself full for more.

Keep yourself all around hydrated as it is essential to keep up liquid adjust and aides in maintaining a strategic distance from undesirable calories.

Incorporate coconut water, lemon water, buttermilk and considerably more rather than circulated air through or sugary beverages.

Rest for least 7 to 8 hours in multi day as absence of rest can raise the level of cortisol which is a pressure hormone and prompt stomach fat amassing.

Incorporate a consistent physical action administration as it will helps in enhancing calorie consuming of the body.

These are only couple of tips to enhance your way of life by eating better and including a customary action administration. You can take assistance from any expert master to get a custom-made eating regimen and exercise administration according to your way of life and calendar.

Eat healthy


those 2 combined are your best bet. They say you can not outwork a bad diet and that is very true but you also can not just diet and expect great results unless your old food intake was just horrible. 

Weight Loss BROKEN down to 3 main tips (from a former fat boy) :-

1.Quit sugar (fizzy drinks, desserts), quit processed food (chips, packaged foods, ready to eat food). More than half the battle ends at sugar and processed food. If you can't quit, then at least minimise it.

2.You don't have to join a gym but you SHOULD do SOME kind of activity. Even if it's as basic as walking to and from the station, it WILL help you burn fat. But nothing beats weight training combined with regular cardio!

3. Stop complaining about how difficult it is, how the world is unfair and how people make fun of your weight. Information is freely available and it's never been easier to live out a healthy life.

**Another diet i will share here this is from beer bicep**

#Keto diet:-

So many bodybuilding bros are afraid of taking up Keto because they think they'll lose their gains. Of course you'll lose your gains bro! It's a harsh cutting diet. But the body you achieve at the end of your keto diet isn't your END GOAL. Especially if aesthetics is what you crave, keto is just the base of your goal. A month or two after coming out of the keto diet, you'll have put back on the size, ALONG with the definition and low fat% you've achieved on keto. THATS your goal. That 1-2 month mark after keto, THATS what you're working towards.

Golden rule for PURE BODYBUILDING : keto for a while (30-40 days), followed by a normal high protein, medium carb, low fat diet. You'll end up looking like perfection. Don't be afraid of things you haven't experienced!

It's okay to be fat, it's not okay to sit and cry about how the world is not a fat-friendly place. Getting fit is REALLY not that hard!
The moment YOU decide to go all-in, your life will begin to change. Dont do it for the external world. Do it for your own happiness and peace.

Talk to @fitnfun she has the before and after photos and isn't just re-hashing some shit she found online like other people have done on here......
She runs a very in-depth blog about exactly how she lost over a 100lb in her 50s, learnt a new way to eat and exercise and how to keep the weight off.
She does not tell you to give up sugar or chocolate completely.
Go look her up on Steemit and read all her stuff, there's loads.
Good luck with your weight loss :-)
Since you asked for It, I am going to tell you a story. A story of a guy who used to weight 92Kgs (202Lbs) till the end of Jan'2018 and weighs 79.5Kgs (175Lbs) by 12JUL2018. He always complained about being overweight throughout last year, joined the gym just to quit and went on various diets just to find out that he is not doing something right.

Starting Mar'18 he took one small challenge to quit sugar, I can say for sure that it felt very difficult for him as he was addicted to coffee and that too 4-5 times a day. He didn't quit coffee, He just didn't add any sugar in that cup. Damn!!! He cursed the taste of that horrible coffee. Then he decided not to put something that horrible again in his mouth.

Day 3 carving started which lasted Day4 and by the end of the week, He was sugar-free and he started becoming very active again and more energized.

Next thing he thought of doing physical exercise and for fun, he started running around a circuit, The goal was not to cut weight but to run around the circuit and day1 he ran what seemed like 250mts (0.1Miles) and almost collapsed but the rest of the circuit he walked. And the next day he ran a little further and the next furthermore. And he kept running and running before he could realize he was running 1Km (0.6Miles) easy without much trouble.

Then he started taking things to the next level by joining Gym and getting more physical exercise.

By now you would have understood that the guy I am talking about is me.

Everything is about your mindset you first need to understand your goals and what needs to be done. And then start doing it. Sure things feel like difficult but you are a lot tougher than you think. While running I wasn't doing it properly and I hurt my knee I when to the only place I know that can help (apart from the doctor) the google and found that I was running wrong, I did even know that there was a wrong way of running.

Anyway, To change yourself (Physically) you need to change yourself (Mentally)

_All the best_
_Greetings from India_
_I am @inuke_
Almost all people know how to loose weight. Every strategy almost everywhere are effective if we have the DISCIPLINE to follow it. So the key to loose weight with the healthy way is to have the DISCIPLINE! DISCIPLINE! DISCIPLINE!
Loosing weight is now something that many
People hope to achieve but it has not been
Easy for them to achieve their heart desires,
Loosing weight is not an easy job and it
Requires alot of dedications and perseverance

What amazes me is that gaining weight is
Always easier than loosing weight except
In some rare situations but it is common to
Add weight easily but difficult to loose that same weight and that is an evidence that we should
Be very prepared when trying to acheive weight loss..

Someone can loose weight by going to the
Gym and engage in effective excercises,i know
We have many weight loss pills spreading around
But i will never advice anyone to use it because most of these pills could be effective but thehave
Very serious side-effects,so i believe going to the
Gym to loose weight is still the most healthy way of loosing those weights...

And also we need to watch what we eat because it is what we are eating that causes this weight gain most of the time so we need to stop eating high calories food,if we continue to eat high calories food Then going to the gym won’t be effective because as we try to burn that fat we keep adding to it throught be high calories foods that we are eating