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Is there something that you always carry with you for luck or something else?
I habe a several watches but i wear only one of them because I feel it gives me positieve energy. So do you also have something like that?

I have a Leatherman knife that I have had for probably close to 15 years now.  I take it with me pretty much wherever I go.  The only time I don't have it with me is when I am going someplace that I know they don't allow weapons like a concert or something like that.  

I forgot one time and I was ready to walk all the way back to the car to secure it as opposed to throwing it away.  I use the thing every single day, it is so handy and I seriously feel lost without it when I do forget it.  

It has gotten me out of so many jams.  I always make sure I have it in my pocket before I get in my vehicle.  If I was ever in an accident and I wasn't able to get my seat belt off I like having it with me so I could cut through the belt.  

I am always being asked to open this package or that package when I go places.  It also has many tools on it that I use every day like the screw drivers and the pliers.  If something ever happened to this one, I would go out and purchase another one in a heartbeat.

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My purse is a small messenger bag type thing with a main pocket covered by the flap and a smaller front pocket. In that front pocket I carry a few things; a small bit of cloth filled with coffee beans and salt and tied shut with a leather cord, and a few small gemstones in protective plastic bags.

The cloth is for protection and energy, it helps me feel like people aren't staring at me (anxiety response and low-self esteem issues) and gives me the needed energy to get things done when I leave the house.

The gemstones all have their own associations as well, to help me when I have to leave the head. Is it all in my head? Maybe. But it works, so I'm not going to question it beyond that.


 Yes, a chain with a cross.

Although I'm not the most religious person, I'm a faithful believer of God (the Catholic) and that's why I always like to carry my chain wherever I go, also because it was a very special gift from my mother and for me it's like always having it with me.

Whether luck exists or not, I personally prefer to believe yes and carry something that symbolizes that, and gives me an emotional bonus.

Another thing that I always wear when I go to important work meetings is a watch that I buy with my first work salary, since for me it represents the fruit of work and the value of never giving up.


This is what I carry deep inside me for a lot of hard times is MY BELIEVE. I think it's very powerful. I will force all negative thoughts out and I have to learn to believe in myself. I have to let myself know that this type of pain or hardship is usually only temporary and good things will come later. 

This is also what I use to jog the distance when I go jogging. I have to believe I can do it first before I try to attempt it. Sometimes when I want to give up when it gets tough, I tell myself to believe I can do it. Sometimes if we believe our will power is strong, we can make it through a negative day.


Not really personally I think its actually related to our ideal of a particular thing, say anyday I put on blue shirt things are surely going to work my way, but indirectly we put in more efforts those days subconsciously and we create the assumption that anyday we have such things around, things are bound to go our ways.

Like I said its all in our head and our thoughts and beliefs are usually very powerful as they control the outcome of most things we do.

To answer your question, I dont have such, although its cool you have something like that.

Do have a lovely day