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What tool do people use in Steem to vote using less than 1% of their voting mana?

I don't think there is any special tool you need when it comes to voting. All you need is to check your voting manna using steemd.com/@yoursteemitusername and upvote using #busy or #partiko depending on the one you really know how to use.

This is why I always recommend most Steemians to always check their voting manna and resource using steemd.com as it shows lot of information about your profile regarding your Upvoting activities, voting manna and resource.

Lastly, the system is also designed in such a way that your voting manna get recharged back to 100% after sometime but the most important commodity you need to consider is your steem power.

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps.

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What I throughly understand is that there are some rules which guide you before you can earn, the more steem power you have the more of the curation reward you will get.

You are also allowed to upvote your own post. The impact of your vote also depends on your Steem Power. The total earnings will go up, but you will not get a reward from the curation.

You can check on this sites to guide you