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What are the things to do to make people acknowledge your business?

To me I think you should use a blue ocean strategy, in a blue ocean strategy you created your own market by thinking outside the box and dominating the market, you don't struggle with those in the market, you create you own market and lead by innovation and creativity. Do what others are not doing ,offer more value than the competitors and be consistent ! With these things I have listed you can make your business recognized


There are different things you can do to make people acknowledge your business and they are

1) Be innovative: try to look for new things to do that will people acknowledge your business.

2) Social Media Advertisement: the world is going digital day by day and the number of internet users increase day by day therefore seize the opportunity to advertise what you have to sell online.

3) Interaction: Be a good person when its comes to interaction and always know how when and when to talk about your business during the interaction.

4) Meeting people: know how to meet people and tell them what you do.