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What are the guidelines one needs to follow when answering questions on musing.io?
we all know that musing.io is a good platform meant for questions and answers and they would have a guideline which they use to determine contents that will be upvoted....so what are the guidelines for answering questions on this platform??

You can find Musing's curation guideline here:


The section at the bottom of the document, "What makes a good quality answer?" , will have the guidelines you seek.  In addition to the guidelines listed there, I would add these tips:

- If your answer is a longer one, re-read it before you hit the "Submit" button, and make sure that your entire response flows in a logical way and doesn't look like random ramblings. (I've seen a few long answers on musing.io that were guilty of this.)

- Proofread before you post!  While a few grammar and/or spelling mistakes in an answer may not hurt your chances of curation, the fact is that those little errors can add up real quick if you're not careful.

- Don't rush to post.  The first person to respond to a question is not guaranteed any upvote.  Quality is what counts.