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What are the signs to know when somebody does not like you?

If a person doesn't like you then it'll show in how they behave towards you. You should watch out for a number of things, some of which include

1. They will be rude to you: This doesn't hold true to every situation or everyone, but most often, if a person doesn't like you then they'll probably be very rude to you.

2. They're body language will change: It's very possible to hide the way you feel about a person with the way you talk to them, but body language isn't so easy to mask. Watch out for signs like sunken shoulders or rolled eyes anytime you step into the room or ask them something.

3. Forced smiles: You'll probably notice that every time you talk with them they'll almost always wear fake smiles because they obviously can't wait to get away from you, but they don't want you to know that.

4. Zero eye contact: Nobody likes making eye contact with people they dislike, and if you haven't been getting any eye contact with the person then there's a good chance they don't like you.

5. They never want to hangout: No matter how many times you ask them to come over or meet you somewhere, they always make an excuse. I'd you have a friend like this then they just might not like you.

6. You feel it in your gut: Intuition is a very powerful thing and trust me when I say that if your body tells you that they don't like you, then chances are that they don't!!!

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I cannot answer this from the view of somebody who doesn't like me (because i don't want to assume things, the reason is some people who had bad days act bad on others and it doesn't mean they don't like them, they're just having a bad day) , but instead i'll answer it from my own view when I don't like someone.

Not enthusiastic when interacting. Such as wanting a conversation to end right then right now. Won't ask further about the topic and just end it with 'ah'

Will not look straight into the eyes. This is quite powerful because you know someone is being interested if they look at you eye to eye when speaking.

Will change mood. Look so happy but then you talk to them they will look irritated.

Will not initiate a conversation. Ever. Unless they had to.


To find out if someone likes you, start by observing his body language. Pay attention to every eye contact. See if there is an increase in the frequency of physical contact or anxiety, especially if he is friends with you. Observe physical signs of shy people, such as wanting to sit near you or nudge accidentally.

1. Pay attention to his body language.

About 93% of all communications are nonverbal. This nonverbal language consists of tone of voice, facial expression, body language, and finally speech. Men and women have several forms of body language that are similar, but there are also special subconscious signals that they will show if they like you.

2. Detect Signals.

Detect female signals. Women can show more than fifty signals through body language. Although not everything can be detected, there are a number of subtle actions that you can see.

3. Detect male signals.

Men don't have a lot of body language. One sign that must be considered is when he puffs out his chest and exhales directly into his chest. Another strange behavior is that a man slips his finger between the straps where a belt is usually attached to a pants, like a cowboy.

4..Note Eye contact.

Eye contact is a guide to universal body language that can communicate many things. Men and women will use certain eye contact when they like someone. Don't stare too long because it will damage the magic. The most memorable moment is when he stares and the two of you look at each other for a moment, then turn away.

Notice some real signs. Here are some signs that the friend has fallen in love with you:

- Touching the shoulders and embracing.

- Offer a sweater or jacket in a very polite manner.

- Making fun of people you are dating / liking.

So invite you more often.

- Kiss your cheek or ask for her cheeks to be kissed.

- Frequently Asking about who you like.