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What are the interesting facts about human behaviour ?

Well this is a question of a life time. From the very beginning of earth human behavior is a very interesting subject. There is a proverb many men, many minds. So 5 billion people have 5 billion mind to think in 5 billion ways.

Our mind is often irresistible, irrelevant, irresponsible and independent. We take decision on the base of our emotions and change on the base of reality. Why we can't think as reality because we like to dream in any moment. We like to stay strict to our hope but all become different and our hearts become broken. But interesting thing is we can't stop dreaming and stop hoping. Because after every failure our hope and dream help us to step forward and stay alive.

We become looser because of helping others and become empty pocketed. At last we become nearly beggar. But still we go to that person with hope. 

We become crazy on small matters but stay as cool as possible when we are destroyed. We don't like to take actions on our shortcomings but we look for them in others. Some of us cry in joy some of us laugh in pain. We get upset by others and then again go to the same person to make the relation easy again and life goes on.

But the most interesting fact to me is adaptation. Human can adapt in any diverse environment. This is not the outer behavior of a human. It's a basic inner behavior or instinctive of human. They can live in desert, snow, mountain, jungle and of course in cities and villages how they are living. 

Human become inventors because of this adaptation nature. It's the basic instinct of human to find new things, thinking for new ideas, planning soundly to make life easier, exotic and luxurious. One invention from one person helps millions of people. We help each others with our belongings and sometimes we get helps in returns sometimes not. Even sometimes we get betrayed by others. 

These are all human nature and behavior. There are also lot more. It will take thousands of pages to to write about all. Thanks for reading what I have wrote from my little knowledge. 


Human is a complicated creature! Their behavior cannot be predicted easily at the time; however, in general, I would discuss some facts:

1) In relationships, when a break up occurs, you can always patch up with your ex if you follow some rules: (i) Don't contact with him/her. Just disappear; it will make them nostalgic and they will start missing you and would try to contact. Do this if you want him/ her back in your life. I know, this is quite difficult to stop contact with the one you love, however, this is vital to do if you want them back. (ii) After a long no-contact period, send them a text message and casually talk about some moments you were together.

2) Children want their freedom, so as parents, don't impose on them too much. Treat them with love and also, encourage and appreciate their small acts; this will boost their confidence and self-esteem.

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Human behavior is a very interesting and important aspect of life because everything we do as human being revolves around human behavior, and talking about haman behavior we mean the way he/she interacts with his environment and the people around it.

Deeper study of human behavior makes us understand why people behave in a certain manner, like in the case of 2 person, where one person is cold and the other hot. Why some people are shy and the other not. We also get to understand why some people react in a particular manner.

Human behavior is a very vast and important topic and it all revolve around the behavior of individual in relation to his/her environment. This is what I consider interesting about human behavior because human being cannot do without it. And it also important to note and understand that the environment influences human behavior either positively nor negatively and also the individual to the environment.