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What are the misconceptions people have about musing.io?

The misconception people have about musing is that it a platform you can get reward for all your question and answer but it's not like that. Musing reward questions that are good enough for people to benefit from the answers, they don't just upvote every questions. They also reward mostly answers of very high quality that will benefit the person that asked the question and other people who might have the same question in mind.

Some people also have the wrong conception about musing that its how long your answer is that will make you get an uovote from musing. It is quality and not quantity that determine if your post will get up vote or not.


Some people think Musing is site for getting upvote of questions and answers. Sometimes you see the same questions over and over again. Maybe some people ask the same question after seeing the similar question getting upvote from Musing and hope they will get upvote. Because of these misconceptions, people complain about why they do not get upvote or why questions get higher upvote than answers.

Musing is a steem blockchain based question answer platform. If you ask question to learn something, not just for the sake of asking, you might get upvote and that is a bonus. On the other hand, if you give quality answer that satisfies the person who asks question, you can get upvote. Just keep helping other people answering their questions and forget about upvote. You will get upvote sooner or later for your contribution.


Quantity > Quality

Due to the large delegation Musing had received from Steemit Inc this month, it is no surprise that there will be a lot of people fishing for upvotes in here. It is no hidden fact that upvotes coming from @musing are all done manually by their human curators. Because of this, some posts will likely be missed as there are only a few curators around but many users.

As a way around for this, people had been mass spamming asking questions as it increases their visibility over the platform. Many people think that the more you ask and answer questions, the more you are likely to receive an upvote. Of course this not true, as all upvotes are all done manually. So it will always be Quality > Quantity.

Longer Answers = Larger Upvote

I have seen a lot of people going off topic purposely just for the sake of making their answers longer. People believed that it's all about the length and number of characters but it sure is not. A very detailed explanation citing some back-up sources as proofs might really get a larger upvote but at the end of the day, it is still mostly based on the relevance and clarity of one's answer.

Putting Images = Larger Upvote

Ever since Musing allow adding images, some people believed that putting random cool images in here will attract curators and thus upvote their contents. Obviously this is not always the case especially if the images added are not at all relevant to the question being answered on.