What is the highest price you think bitcoin can reach?

No one can exactly quote what will be the price of BTC.  However, one thing is clear that price will rise but when and how much that cant be told. I'm saying price will rise because of the following reasons:-

First of all decentralized technology is still new to the world. Its market penetration and adoption is still negligible.

With the passage of time as more and more people are aware of this technology, it is becoming more and more popular. 

Now even many countries has started accepting this as currency and many other are in the process of adopting.

So in future a more countries will jump into it and it will gain more trust of people. Its value will also increase.

Honestly speaking, Bitcoin has lot of potential in it. Especially if someone is targeting it for a longer period. 

I can’t predict what price would be after five years but in view of above I am confident that price will go up.

One should not make all the investment at once in one time instead investment should be made in steps so that if prices fall down one should have the option to buy more and make a good average. 


According to my opinion I can believe Bitcoin price can reach upto 100000$ because the Bitcoin has low circulation supply and also it has more demand. If whole country started accepting payment in Bitcoin then the price of Bitcoin will touch the sky.

Bitcoin is a decentralised country and run with the help of blockchain. Nowadays mostly country started accepting Bitcoin and also they have atm machine to scratch the card and we can withdraw it has dollars. Due to cfaze of Bitcoin and lots of big invester investing their money in Bitcoin can take a Bitcoin at a huge level.

We are seeing that Bitcoin price is constantly increasing from the gear 2007 and it has reached to $7000 so everyone believe that invdst ment in Bitcoin is a good profit.