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Would you quit a relationship if you find out your partner is a drug addict?
if you are in a loving relationship with someone but you later find out that the person is a drug addict,would you still continue to date the person??sincere opinion please

For me it would be difficult. I have personally suffered from addiction, but I never kept it from a partner. If you are suddenly finding out that your partner is an active drug addict, then I think it would be difficult stay with this person based on the violation of trust.

If you are finding out that your partner had addiction problems in the past, this may be a game changer. Withholding such information from you may have been because of embarrassment, fear of rejection, shame, ect. I wouldn't hold it against your partner for not being ready to tell you, unless perhaps you have been partners for a significant amount of time. 

When recovering from addiction, one encounters debilitating effects to the self esteem. It's not always easy to be open with people about drug history. So for me, I would be willing to give the relationship effort if said partner is remaining in sobriety.

The most important questions are IMO, is the individual staying sober? Or was this a dirty secret of an active user?

If it's the latter, I advise you to get help for your partner, but you may want to seriously consider the implications of how this will affect your own mental health. If it's detrimental to you, do yourself a favor and get out of the relationship.


No. I would help my partner get rid of the addiction.


If you really love your partner, then drug addiction should not be something that can inhibit your relationship.

I for one will not quit a relationship because my partner is a drug addict. I believe that all addictions can be cured somehow so we will find a way to deal with the addiction together.


a guide that you must pay attention to when dealing with drug users.

1. Take care of yourself

There is no one in this world who can take good care of yourself. When dealing with lovers or friends who use drugs, one thing you must remember is that you cannot be involved too. Don't stay away from the person, but stay away from the forbidden item! You must be strong and have a strong opinion to reject these illicit goods.

Remember, no one is immune to drugs! If you feel hesitant, not sure you can be that strong, then you should not get along with the addict.

2. Set rules

There must be certain rules that you apply in dealing, for example, (for yourself) you will not touch the food or drink offered by the addict. You will receive it but will not enter it in your mouth. You must also tell him that you refused to see him when he was unconscious. The point of the rule here is to make him know that you received it but not the drugs he was using. And it is important to do all the decisions that you have decided.


Of course not! I'm the drug she is addicted to 😺


I believe 'in a serious relationship' here means you are likely to spend your future with the drug addict and produce offspring if you are the procreating type. Which is where the issue is.

Personally I don't Think I want to live the rest of my life dealing with issues that will likely arise from been with a drug addicts. Then there is another issue if the emotional, psychological effect that will have on the children we wouod raise. And don't say love, please.

Any change of mind will depend on the attitude and dedication of the addict to been clean. If those were positive, there is half chance of her been somber. That may be I need to keep the faith. But going in with the whole of my head and no emotion, I will say...not very likely.