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What will happen to the world if religion is banned?

I'm probably in the minority here who says nothing much will probably change.

Many people see Religion as a basis for one's moral values. If you are a religious person, then you are most likely God-fearing and by extension follow his teachings making you a good person. But I personally think it is really based on the accumulation of one's decisions and not what his/her religion is. Religion have little-to-no bearing on one's behaviour. So yeah, nothing much will probably change :)


It would be the worst thing ever happened, religion is must for the world, doesn't matter in which religion you believe.

If we analyse the aims of every religions, we see that it teaches us to be a good and honest human being also it teaches not to do bad things. Overall it makes a pleasant ecosystem.

There are some religious people who explain religions wrong and take bad advantages religious books and create some serious problem. This's the reason why some people hate religion.

These serious problems we'll see if we ban religion : crime rate will touch it's extreme point, girls will be raped in the light of day, people kill and steal others without any fear, youngers refuse to give respect to elders, atc. atc... In total , the face of the world will be charged and it will became a horrible place.

Region should stay with us forever .


If all religion was banned across the world for a full year and the rule was seriously enforced?

Pandemonium as we know it. I can see most Christians temporarily teaming with Mormons and JWs. Some members of some religions would stick to themselves, like ISIS. They’d still attack everyone, probably. Moderate Muslims might make an uneasy alliance with Christians, but I can’t see Jews joining. They’ll stick to themselves. I don’t even know if the more peaceful religions like Buddhism would fight, but there’s a valid chance.

Either way, you now have slightly over half the word population determined to overthrow you. Some are in control of vast military resources. One of the best air forces in the world is now against you. If all religious people went on strike and rebelled, almost every nation’s infrastructure would be seriously crippled. Come to think of it, the US would lose a large part of its army. A huge part. And many other countries.

Oh, and this isn’t even counting the Atheists and Agnostics that might be sympathetic.

So World War III. I just can’t see the non-religious winning.