What are the habits that can change a person life positively?

Changing habits is not easy. The temptation out there often destabilizes the intention to change into a better one. According to research, it took approximately three months to change bad habits to good.

Bad habits are not always about big things, but also small things. For example, time to get up early. You who are accustomed to waking up late need to get used to getting up early to increase productivity. So that a lot of work can be done.

1. Start from Changing Small Habits

Remember, change doesn't have to start from big things. Conscious or not, the small things that are actually effective bring significant changes in a person. Small habits that are carried out routinely will be a big thing that brings big changes.

For example, set a sleep schedule at night. For people with insomnia, fast sleep is impossible. Because this type prefers to sleep at midnight or in the morning. If you are such a person, start to set up a sleep schedule.

Do activities that trigger fatigue so the body asks for rest. Do this regularly so that you are used to sleeping quickly.

2. Create a causal relationship

Thinking something carefully is a step before acting. The goal is that you avoid the carelessness that can harm yourself. Therefore, consider the cause and effect of what you want to do.

Think about what is the cause of a problem and know the consequences. Without a clear causal relationship, it will be difficult to change. You can also be far from the destination set at the beginning.

For example, "I need to eat because I'm hungry. If I don't eat, then I will starve ". The point is always to know what causes you to act.

3. Join in a Different Environment

Badness will always be there if you are in the same environment for life. If you really want to change, try to move or join in a new environment.

This is able to change your mindset, especially if the environment is positive. Joining in a new environment will require you to be out of the box.

In a sense, you must be able to get out of the safe zone and try new experiences like those applied in the environment. As a result, you succeed in creating good new habits.

4. Associate with the Right People

The social environment will have a big impact on habits. If you get along with bad people, you will automatically be evil. And conversely, if you hang out with good people, your nature is good.

The case above has become a natural law. Therefore, start associating with the right people who have the same goals. Thus, you will be easier to form good habits.

5. Don't Think Changing It's Difficult

Change will not succeed if it does not come from the heart. Many people claim to want to change, but the results are nil. It is proven that if it changes it is difficult. For that, build an intention in your heart. After that, practice the strategies that have been arranged to undergo change.

You are the person who triggers change, not family or other people. After all, changing according to will is much better than being governed by someone else.

6. Don't Break Out

After going through several steps or steps, many of you still fail to undergo changes. Even so, you should not give up immediately. Do this continuously.

7. Do it now, don't delay!

Good habits will not be realized if you constantly delay the time to change. Take advantage of the opportunity you have to change immediately. The faster you act, the faster it changes for the better.


Sleeping and waking up early

No smoking

No drugs

No alcohol

No sleeping around

No fast cars

Eat your green vegetables

Drink 8 glasses of water

Balanced diet with minimal meat and sugar

Regular but sustainable exercise

A sense of community aka social life

Have a sense of purpose in life (Ikigai)

Sad to say, I can't attain half of these criteria 😿