How can a person find GOD?
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 Some would say, that is the 1 million dollar question. 

Others will say, God will find you!

Someone else will say, god is in your heart and is everything in our reality. This means even demons have god within them, but that is another question.

And the old skool group will say God is in the heavens or high in the sky.

That saying, to find a answer on this question, is it needed to find the definition of God what your mind accept as the truth. Only then you can search for your concept, idea or god. 

And the only thing what you will find is a answer what you can either accept and believe or dismiss.

Because at the end of the day, that is what god is, it's a concept or idea or statement, interpretation, hypothesis or a concept what is part of a religion. Which has no evidence or facts what would have proven what God is, or where to find him.

The only options we have is that we either belief in a god and belief to know were we can find him, or don't belief in a god what religion had created or no belief at all, and then accept that.

Nobody on this planet will say, well i just had some tea with god and this or that... nope it's all about what your state of mind accept as the truth about god or not! 

 Just ask yourself this, how to find something if you don't know what it is? Or do you know what god is?

In the event that you happen to stroll by a recreation center with little kids playing, simply pause for a minute to watch them. You will see that their grins and tears are easy. They have guiltless eyes which see the vacillating wings of a butterfly and here and there they pursue butterflies with the end goal to get them. In that blamelessness God lives, without sexual diverse closures and inclination. 

Watch individuals share a supper and giggle generously. You will locate that sound of every individual giggling to shift and now and again silly, however watch their countenances. They are upbeat and easy chuckling. There is God there. 

Watch a mother and her child, human and non human. You perceive how upbeat she is within the sight of her little tyke/kids that she will dependably give them the best of what she can do. She grins out of sight of her kid's prosperity and stands by her kid at disappointment. There is God. 

God isn't a man you find in a specific place yet it's God is the thing that you make of the internal cognizant in you, addressing you always. God is the thing that you have confidence in to make you more grounded, to discover your tranquility and comfort.