What should school meals entail?
What would you like to see on a school menu?

This is a very interesting and important question. Kids spend a lot of time in school and eating healthy is the most important thing for them in order to be healthy. Unfortunately most of the time the meal served in schools has nothing to do with health, it's calculated and set up based on a budget, usually a low budget. Basically they are given cheap food which is not always healthy. 

There's a documentary called "Where To Invade Next (2015)" by Michael Moore. He went to a small village in France and visited a three or four star kitchen,  the best place to eat, which was a school cafeteria. 

Once a month the school chef gets together with city and school officials and a dietitian to go over the menu. Lunch takes one hour, and it's considered a class, a lesson where kids learn how to eat and how  to serve a menu and how to share your meal with other kids. That day the kids were having a cabbage meal with bread, shellfish delicacy with a curry sauce with fresh cream and that was just the appetizer. Then they had chicken, lamb with couscous and dessert.  They were drinking water. The menu was served on porcelain plates and they use glasses, no plastic, no paper, no reusable materials. 

Michael Moore asked the chef if they serve French fries to the kids and he's been told only twice or three times a year, even though French fries is french and kids love that. Then he went to find a vending machine inside the school and couldn't any so he tried a trick. He wanted to give the kids Coca Cola and surprise, surprise, no one really wanted to drink it, then one girl volunteered to try it.  She said it's ok.  

The next step was to show the French kids what kids in a school from Boston have fro lunch. French fries, hamburgers, ketchup, pizza, some souse with mashed potato etc. 

Then he went to another school situated in a poor area, where kids are not from wealthy families. The menu looked like an exclusive restaurant a la cart menu in a wealthy district I could only dream of. 

Please note, I'm not criticizing anyone here, I'm just pointing out how important a healthy diet is ant this young age. It's easy to give kids what they want but is it the right move? Shouldn't health come first? If you teach your kids to eat healthy at a young age, they won't have health problems later on in life. 


Kids love Tacos and Burritos.. and they can be made healthy and a great way to get kids to eat veggies. Tomato based soups are also healthy and you can add rice, wheat,spinach noodles (kids will eat noodles), salads (pre-made in container) just add toppings and dressing.. ( where they can get a variety of their choice. A juice/ smoothie bar..already portioned per serving. A sugar free frozen yogurt bar.. fresh fruit / and fruit cups...


For schools who serve the students lunch or who are all-boarding, first upon registering into a school, the school should find out foods that the admitted students are allergic to. If they have a food or ingredient common among the students which they are allergic to, such ingredient should be supplemented for and not be included into students food

A school meal should contain all the nutrients in the right proportions and should be made in a healthy environment.

Schools should reduce convenience foods, already processed and can foods may not be completely nutritious for students because you may not actually know how fresh the ingredients used are and for some the life span of such foods may be exaggerated.

In all, a school's meal should be rich in vitamins, proteins and it should have other calories that helps the students grow well. Unfortunately most school meals are nothing to write home about. The school make parents pay heavily for their ward's meal but at the end they feed them with low quality meals.

Granted the economy may not be friendly and there is high cost of living everywhere, but a school meal should be nutritious. Vegetables, lean meat, eggs, bacon, fresh fish, fruits and healthy oils should be used to make school mealsmealsmealsmeals


For parents whose kids go to school from home, they could pack light meals in the food pouch for kids and that meal should contain fruits, a few slices if bread or pasta or maybe sandwiches. r parents whose kids go to school from home, they could pack light meals in the food pouch for kids and that meal should contain fruits, a few slices if bread or pasta or maybe sandwiches. 

In all, parents should know that the health and well being of their kids has connection with what they feed them with. So parents be careful with what your child eats. If the child lives in school, visit and find out what your child is feeding on.


Cereals and chocolate drinks, pasta and rice salads, swap fizzy drinks for water, unsweetened fruit juice, fruit smoothies, cartons of semi-skimmed milk or unsweetened yogurt drinks. 


After a report about kids and school meals that was recently published a school meal should be healthy and filling and i will explain why.

in the same report that i was reading for 2 out of 10 children in the UK this will be there only meal they will have that is hot and healthy.

It was said that 1 million children could go hungry with its new release of universal credits and this is going to be challenging for families that live in poverty.

From what I understand from the school that my kids go to, they get to have a choice of what they want to eat, this is normally a sandwich or a main such as fish and chips and a pudding for after. it is normally done in a healthy way, so it is not deep fried fish it is cooked in an oven.

What would I like to see on a school menu?

well this isn't hard really as i have a strong view about what my kids should be eating, i think more pasta dishes such as spaghetti bolognese, mac and cheese so it is filling, but I would like them to add vegetables into the dish so the kids are getting more vitamins in there diet.