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How is factory farming affecting consumers?
I am interested in finding out more about factory farming, food with integrity, and how the way that animals are raised effects consumers. I specifically would like this question answered: How is factory farming affecting consumers?

I guess this is the only way that the world is going forward in terms of the future of food. One of the ways in which farming of the future looks like is that it will vertical farming where food will be grown in big warehouse set up with lots vertical tubes with plants in this tiny holes and water running down. It would save lots of space. 

Of course, I think it would be a great future if factory farming is done correctly. The world's population is increasing drastically and there is a huge increase in the demand for food. Animal abuse would be on the rise. Hormones injected into poultry would then later be consumed by humans which would usually cause adverse effects on the human. Some of it can be an increase in the rate of cancer in our population. Animals that are killed when they are in a stressful situation usually produces some kind of toxins which when consumed by humans can be harmful to humans. 

Salmon Farming

Due to the demand of sashimi and increase in eating of sushi, the amount of salmon's have been raised in Norwegian farms in a rather unethical manner. The fish is usually polluted and there is an overcrowding of the water. These fish are fed with all sorts of low quality food that is consumed by the fish. 

On the good side is that, scientist and farmers are always looking for ways to reduce cost of production for farming and new technology would help make these processes more efficient and it would overall be really beneficial to the consumer. 


Factory farming effects consumers in so many ways it is almost too difficult to cover them all, however, the main effects are pollution from the feces draining out of these places, the sickness that is rampant in them, because they are shot with growth hormones which cause them to grow faster than nature intended - and most cannot walk or move around, and lay in their own feces.  

These growth hormones and antibiotics they use to keep them alive to slaughter are seriously hurting our world.  Many people are seeing girls developing way too early due to the growth hormones in meat, dairy and milk.  And, the antibiotics that are used in these products are keeping antibiotics from working when they are needed in sickness.  


@Kaypace, I don't know but in my opinion i can say one thing and that is, the home based gardening and natural farming is the divine way of doing the farming and i think that farming was and is meant in that way only. Stay blessed. 🙂