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Do you find it easier to read, listen to, watch, write down, and/or experience what you are trying to learn?
Or is it some combination of the above? or does something completely different work best for you? It seems like people learn differently - and yet much of school is taught in just one way. I guess that if you know you learn differently you need to add those things to your learning


For most of my academic life I have been very conservative regarding learning methods. Reading and writing worked ok with me for a good part of my formative years. Lately, though, I have noticed that I can remember content better if it is part of a visual or audio visual material.

Take history, for instance. I can read and take notes on a given chapter of American history and it will take me some average time to feel comfortable with the material, but if the information is part of a documentary or audio/video lecture I can store and analyze the information faster.

Thus, I am trying to compile audio and video library of different things that are part of my academic interests. Of course, the best information will always be in books, which take longer to make/turn into other media. Some books never see the light in formats other than the original publication and therefore it is unavoidable to approach the information contained in them traditionally.


It is indeed an interesting question. 

I like to read first. Then I try to re read and also understand what I am trying to read and if I do not get the meaning, I try to look it up. 

After thoroughly understanding the concept, I try to write down answers to the questions in the exercise page or in case it is absent, I make questions and answer it myself, trying the self evaluation method. 

This has helped me a lot in my school and college days and mind you, we did not have any internet those days. So, it was more of reading and writing rather than watching study videos and the like or answering online tests. 

Recently, I started watching a lot of you tube videos on baking. I do not own an oven and I wanted to learn how to bake before even considering to buy one. After watching a lot of recipe videos and cake making, I started to experiment in the kitchen and the first two cakes that I made was a total failure because obviosuly I was a novice and I did not know how to measure correctly and also how to bake properly, using a rice cooker and all. Normally, it would put anyone off but a little teasing from others and it gave me even more of a drive to learn how to be successful in baking. 

Several attempts later, I did bake three small cakes and the last one came out fine which has made me really confident. 

So, what I am trying to tell is that we should not be discouraged easily and should try to concentrate and learn with all our heart. Success will surely favor us. 


 Yes, some combination of the above. Probably this is the case for most of us.

I usually read, listen to, watch and write down things.  Sometimes experience. I think I can say "experience" in the case of playing a video game. It is interactive after all.
If you read a good book, that can also be an experience. There are also interactive books, but I think that the good books are all interactive.

But it is surely experience, when I speak/talk/communicate to/with English (or any foreign) people. I am not a native English speaker, I am Hungarian. Reading and answering this question (and the answers to this question) is also experience. It is a part of learning (and maintaining) English. And this is also "writing down". Although not physically on a paper, but on a computer.

Another type of experience can be trying new foods and/or drinks. Get to know their looks and taste.


I haven't figured exactly how best I learnt yet. I do hope to soon, but presently I think it's a combination of all these. Example, listening to an audio version while reading a book helps what I'm learning settle in better, but this isn't to say reading and writing down what I have to learn helps any less. As a matter of fact, it's easier for me to visualise things I put down somewhere than stuff I just read and recited to get comfortable with. Safe to say a combination of all.