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What is the shelf life of beer? I found some beer from 2016, is it edible?

As with most food, the shelf life of beer will entirely depend on the container, and how it was stored. Beer can definitely spoil, and a good sign to look out for is if there is foam or not when you open it up. Fresh and unspoiled beer will have a certain amount of white foam, while spoiled beer most usually don't. 

Any to return to the storage of it; it will have a much longer shelf life is stored in a dry, cool, and dark place. The best container would be aluminum, since glass containers will have more light exposure, leading to faster degradation of the molecules within, as well as promoting potential microbial growth. 

I'm uncertain if beer from 2016 will still be fine. I guess you will need to open it to really find out. I have tasted beers that have been sitting around for a few years, and let me tell you, you do definitely know if it has spoiled if you take a sip! So I would say that it's safe to drink if you find the taste to be okay. 

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 Beer in general does not expire, therefore it has a very long useful life of up to years. But this does not mean that the beer will stay fresh if it is stored in a place that does not have the right conditions.

While this is true, all canned or bottled products have an expiration date that can be observed in the product, this date determines the time it is completely safe to consume the product, as it remains fresh.

Beer is not the exception, it also has an expiration date, which is advisable to respect, in order to consume the product safely.

Your beer has been stored for almost two years now, so it is not fresh anymore and has passed the expiration date, I would advise you not to drink it, because it can intoxicate you.

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