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How to prevent steem account from hackers ?

Our Steem accounts are designed to be as safe as they can be. The most common reason that accounts get hacked/stolen are because the owner doesn't take proper precautions with it. 

To safeguard yourself from hacking, we first need to take a look at some ways that it can happen to us. Some common ways that accounts get hacked, lost, stolen from are as follows:

  1. Misplacing your keys
  2. Making the mistake of storing your keys from where they can be stolen from.
  3. Typing your keys on a scam/hacked interface. In this case the page would look very similar to a common Steem website that you use. Even the web address would be very similar with a slight difference in the spelling. You would type your key there, thinking that you are logging onto your regular dapp but in fact you would be typing the key in a place that is designed fool you into giving your keys to the hackers.
  4. Not being smart about using your keys. I have seen people using the active key to log in at a website when they could have just used the posting key for their purpose. 

Here are some common ways that you can help you avoid getting hacked:

  1. Store you password and key in the most secure location possible for you.  For example, you can write it down or store it in a pendrive and then keep it safe at your home.
  2. Avoid using the bank locker for storing this paper/USB flash drive.
  3. Try to understand how the different keys and the password works. If you understand them, then you will use them wisely.
  4. Bookmark all the Steem websites/dapps that you visit and then use it to access these addresses on the net. This way you can avoid landing on some hackers clone website/address by mistake. 
  5. Keep your Steem tokens vested as Steem power. This way if a hacker accesses your wallet, he/she won't be able to withdraw them as powering down all the tokens would take a lot of time. During this time you would be able to take preventive measures to secure back your account.
  6. You can create two separate accounts. One account would be to keep your SP in and the second account would be to use for blogging. Then you can delegate the SP from the first account to your main account. Now you can lock up the keys of your first account safely in your home locker and forget about it. This way you don't ever have to use the keys and password of the first account online. 

Disclaimer: This answer is NOT meant as a cyber security advice. Please understand that these are just some common sense ideas used by people to safeguard themselves against hacking. There is no such thing as too much protection and getting hacked  even after taking all these necessary precautions is still your own responsibility. 


To prevent steem account from hackers, you have to be careful. Keep your posting key, active key and master key somewhere safe where hackers cannot reach. You print or write those keys on paper and keep it offline.

There are three keys. And there are some reasons of having three different keys. It provides different level of security. 

Always use posting key to sign in Steemit. You can use posting key to make post, comment, upvote, flag and all these basic communication. 

Use active key to transfer fund. Some Dapps also require active key to log in. To vote witness, you need active key.

Use master key or owner key to change password. You can do everything using master key. But do not use it for everything. I see some people became victim of hacking because they used master key to sign in and hackers got the master key, changed the password. This is horrible situation.

If someone gives you free offer or instigate you to click any link, be careful. If you click any link, check out the url. Sometimes hackers redirect you to phishing site. It looks exactly steemit. If you see the url, you figure out that it is not steemit.

Hackers use different techniques to get access to your account. So always be careful and stay safe!


You have to be careful when using Steemit. Don't click the link that you are sure of. Check the url to know whether you redirect to right website. 

Always  use posting key to sign in Steemit.

To transfer fund and some specific activities such as witness vote, use active key.

Don't always use master key. Use master key to change password. Keep your keys somewhere safe.


The most important thing is to keep your private keys private. Don't let them be exposed to anyone who shouldn't see them. Store them securely, preferably in an encrypted format.

Steem accounts have different keys serving different purposes. 

Owner Key: this is the most important key. It allows you to change all the other keys if they are leaked, to protect your account. You can also recover your account if it has been stolen by using this key as proof of ownership. It also does all things the other keys do.

Active Key: this key enables you to transfer funds and make posts

Posting Key: this only supports posting and voting