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What to do if i am flagged by steemcleaner?

Curl up in the fetal position and cry. No really you should get on their discord channel and try to figure it out. If you were wrongfully flagged they will fix it. If you were being scammy, well you are going to have a bad day. 

If you are flagged by steeemcleaner then you have to find the reason why steeemcleaner flagged you. Steeemcleaner flagged someone when he or she copied or plagiarised. I think you copied or plagiarised, for this reason steeemcleaner flagged you.

But if you didn't copy or plagiarism then you can tell that you could do copy or plagiarism in their discord group or by replying their comment.

If you copied anyone post or article then you have to do create original or quality Content. By creating original and quality Content steeemcleaner can't flagged you. But their is also a fact that.m if you use any photo in your post which is not yours then you have to give the photo link in your post. If you don't do this then their is a robot named cheetah, he will comment in your post where you didn't give the photo link. If you continue this things then cheetah will warn you 2 or 3 times after that if you don't stop this. Then steeemcleaner will flagged you.

So. To get rid from steeemcleaner you have to create original and quality Content and give the photo link in the post which photo is not yours.
Steemcleaner only flags posts which they think are abusing Steem. If you got flagged by mistake or you think that the flag is unfair, you may consider joining their discord or steem chat to appeal against their decision.

Their Steem chat handle is #steemitabuse-appeals. Login to your steem.chat account and then search for #steemitabuse-appeals to join that channel and appeal against their decision.

Some tips to avoid getting flagged:

1. Don't copy paste stuff you found somewhere else in the internet.

2. Write your own posts yourself.

3. Don't use unnecessary tags. Using popular tags that aren't relevant to your post could get you into trouble.

4. Don't post the same comment again and again.
Steemcleaner flagging you can mean two things
-Either you plagiarized from others content.
-Or they made a mistake and you didn't.

In the first case, you can't really do anything about it. Just don't plagiarize or spam again.

And in that second one, you can go to their discord and provide proof that you didn't plagiarize. They'll remove the flag for you. As simple as that.
Ah, great question.
If you are flagged by steemcleaners than you must have done something against steemcleaners rules. Steemcleaners is here to stop plagiarism/spam/bad content.
So if you had done anything like that, you have to stop it so that you don't get any flag in future.
If you want to remove your post's current flag, than it will depend why the post was flagged. In most cases they flags for plagiarism. If you received a flag for this reason than they will never remove the flag. But if you were flagged mistakenly or they detected plagiarism of your post which matches with a content on internet but that content is yours then there is chance of removal of the flag.
You have to just join there discord server and contact with a official regarding this matter. Here is the link to join steemcleaners disord server- https://discord.gg/5svhSYf . You must contact with them before your post age crosses 6days and 10 hours as they can't remove the flag after this time.
On other cases you have to rectify yourself for which you were flagged.
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If you were flagged by steemcleaner, then it means you must have done something wrong to warrant that.
Perhaps, plagiarized a content on Steemit.
If you haven't done any of such, then you can lay your complaint to steemcleaner so they help rectify the issue and if not found guilty, possibly remove the flag.
But if you are guilty of plagiarising, then there is pretty much nothing you can do about it other than avoid future occurrence and start writing original contents.
Getting flagged by steemcleaners is horrible and mostly you can do nothing about the flagged post. At best, you can only try to avoid a repeat on your future posts.

To avoid being gotten for plagiarism in future, you should endeavor to use a plagiarism checker and be sure you get at least a 70% pass mark.

A good plagiarism checker to use is edubirdie and you can get the link here:


Good luck
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Steemcleaner is a bot which can detect the plagiarized blog you had post.

Steemcleaner can be flagged by two ways such as
1)you have done plagiarized from the website and directly post on the steemit and so Steemcleaner had detected the lost for you from website and so he had given you a flagged on your post.
2)sometimes mistakes done by Steemcleaner so we can go to discord and we give evidence or proof and tell them that you don't done any plagiarism and so they will remove the flagged given my Steemcleaner.

So don't worry about flagged which given by the Steemcleaner if our fault is not there we can discord it and if we are having plagiarized and also they give think and then we can't able to discord that so for that we have to stop doing copy paste work on such a big platform
steemcleaners is a bunch of fascists with no talent and nothing better to do than wreck peoples posts, on my first month almost all my posts got downvoted regardless of content because one of the cronies must have taken offense to something i said in chat ... i never joined steemchat again after that and i think they should be dethroned from the witness seat, you can probably apply, but only if your really nice doggie and roll over pretty please :)

they're a bunch of talentless hacks, who trot around like they hold the concept of content in a holy grail in the middle àf 1100000 accounts, the REAL problem of steemit

just sit it out, they'll find someone else to bully,

(yea, that didnt go down well, i try not to respond to a question like that but i nearly had no sleep and im not quite jesus the forgiver, they even got me so low i cast a downvote myself, a stain on my history that will never go away, i think they're bullying scum)

maybe i get censored for a month again after saying this but screw that

You should go to their discord channel and try to adress the situation as soon as possible. The longer you wait the worse it will be. Also you should change the way you are posting so as to not trigger the steemcleaners bot.