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What is your opinion on traditional arranged marriages?

I suppose at one time, they may have had their place, particularly among royalty, where it was more important to keep kingdoms intact or maintain peace than the individual happiness of the couple to be married. And, too, in other cases, it may have been a way of ensuring survival, the strongest and the fittest families would not die out quickly.

However, for the most part now, I would hope that most people everywhere would be free to chose their own husband or wife, and while there's more to consider than just physical attraction and emotional attachment, that love would be a greater part of those decisions than an arranged marriage might have.

There's no guarantee that the marriage will last, or that the couple in question will choose wisely. That's as much a part of life as anything else. But we all should be free to choose, especially when those choices are so fundamental to our happiness, our well-being and our future.

So, i would hope now that arranged marriages, for any reason, would be a thing of the past, and that young and old would be afforded the right to choose who they will marry, and build a life with.


For me honestly I don't agree to the idea of arrange marriage.

Firstly, marriage was created by God and it's the first kingdom institution ever made.

Marriage is a choice and no one should be forced to marry someone at all against their own wish.

Arrange marriage is most practise by Muslim and India where couples are made to marry each other against their wish just because of tradition or because of their parents.

To me arrange marriage is modern day slavery and it should be abolished by all means.

People should be free to choose who they want to spend the rest of their life with.


Arranged marriage is a kind of conjugal association where the lady of the hour and man of the hour are chosen by people other than the couple themselves, especially by relatives, for example, the guardians. Contingent upon culture, an expert go between might be utilized. 

Masterminded relational unions have truly been noticeable in numerous societies. The training stays normal in numerous districts, outstandingly South Asia, however in numerous different pieces of the world the training has declined considerably amid the nineteenth and twentieth hundreds of years. 

There are a few subcategories of organized marriage. Constrained relational unions, while still rehearsed in certain societies, are not a kind of orchestrated marriage and are denounced by the United Nations. The particular sub-classification of constrained youngster marriage is particularly censured. Numerous societies, be that as it may, practice marriage game plans that are for the most part or altogether consensual. 

Arranged marriage is a training that is to a great extent been dismissed in the West, yet it's in any case the manner in which numerous cutting edge couples are as yet set up everywhere throughout the world. The ladies I addressed in my exploration were taught, center to upper-working class individuals who considered themselves to be openly coordinating in a dynamic social convention. 

The reason of an arranged marriage is that in spite of the fact that the couple isn't enamored, friendship and closeness develop as they assemble their lives together. For that to happen, they have to share basic desires, life stages, and financial, religious, political, and social foundations. This isn't to advocate for masterminded relational unions, obviously, yet it merits observing how that remarkable level of arrangement can help bolster couples when the two accomplices work. Here are three circles where it may. 

Monetary and vocation stress are consistently referred to as among the greatest depletes on relationship joy. Be that as it may, what the long convention of organized relational unions educates us– particularly as those cutting edge weights heap up– is that having the capacity to make intricate, long haul choices can help keep everything in equalization when we need it most. The a greater amount of those variables working couples can gauge and envision in front of time– together– the happier they'll be.