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What made you to finally accept that you are no longer a kid/teen?

I used to think that I'm very young. I am young actually but I've come to accept the fact that i am no longer in the yonder years when things are done for me.

I think i didn't grow up too soon. In my mind, I knew many things that folks my age mate would have a hard time understanding but I always wanted things to stay the same, at least some of them.

one of such areas was the area of relationship. i have always been baffled by teenage love, that period when you are just getting to terms with the emotional rush and sometimes can't get to control it. I had a thing for one lady in mu class then in secondary school. It was mutual and even though I never got to reveal my feelings to her, no words said in that regard, I could tell she knew what I had to say. She understood the words in my silence. Fun memories of the time we spent together still comes to my mind every now and then. She meant so much to and from the way she acted and reacted, i could tell she felt the same.

Time has passed now and she's now married, recently even. I have to confess that being involved in a relationship as an adult is different. The years teaches us how to better cope with our raging emotions and you can barely tell if a lady or guy feels the same way you feel. They could be madly in love with you and yet bottle all of that on the inside of them. They believe that the words have to be spoken first, the guy has to profess his undying love before they open up. Call it security or whatever. It is one way i have got to know that things aren't the same. There are times I lay on my bed and wish the hands of the clock can rewind, but life doesn't work that way. Seeing so many of the friends I used to have, especially the female folks, now married tells me I am no longer a teenager and there are lots of responsibilities that I have to shoulder which weren't there before, like having to work for your own money and making important decisions for myself.

Everyone grows but sometimes you just wish that time remains static.


I don't think there was that one major event or realization.

Most kids/teens really hate the idea of being one and work towards independance over a period of time.

If we're to pin point things that are major contributors and indicators of independance and therefore adulthood,

I think there are few things we may point to.

Things like First Job, buying your own insurance, booking your own doctor appointments, paying your own rent, moving in with someone who's not a friend or a person from an ad but a partner, doing your own chores around the house without someone telling you to, not taking food from your parents place back to your place.

The list could go on and on.

It may not apply to everyone, but in general, most young adults are just kids LARPing as adults.

Even after having children of our own we don't feel sudden change.

It is hard to notice change over extended period of time.


The day my little girl was conceived. I was 19 when she was conceived. There goes doing whatever I need and when I need.

 Presently it's the point at which I have spare time which is somewhat frequently, yet not as regularly like it used to be.

 She doesn't generally give me a chance to manage her much. She's a major mom and grandmothers young lady.

 My sibling and I get the opportunity to play with her, yet with regards to quieting her down it's an uncommon thing for me to really achieve. 

The things she'll give me a chance to do is change her, feed her, and play with her, however I don't get the chance to hold her long except if her mom and grandma aren't anywhere near.

 At any rate, on Christmas Day at 8:47 PM I accept was the minute I knew I'm not a child any longer.