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What are the biggest myths about actually living in America?

We as a whole have enormous houses. That may have been to some degree likely an age or two back. Be that as it may, after the lodging bubble burst, it's turned out to be extremely troublesome for my age to claim a home. The times of living in an enormous house with zero dollars down are finished. 

We as a whole drive costly vehicles. There used to be where Americans could go out and locate a decent utilized vehicle with low miles, low intrigue, and low regularly scheduled installments. After the Cash for Clunkers trick, it's turned out to be extremely elusive a decent utilized vehicle at a tolerable cost. 

We as a whole have huge amounts of firearms in each room. I have weapons, yet there are still a lot of Americans who don't have firearms. Outsiders have some twisted thought that we as a whole convey weapons all over the place and that there are OK Corral minutes ordinary in America. Truth be told, the quantity of weapon proprietors are diminishing. Happening that individuals such as myself go out and get a few weapons. That is the reason it would seem that each American has weapons on paper. 

We're all excessively fat. This isn't valid. A considerable measure of Americans are overweight, yet it's normal to see a great deal of Americans endeavor to roll out way of life improvements for their wellbeing. You can likewise observe many individuals in their 40's-60's who are fit as a fiddle than they were in their more youthful years because of activity. Preferred late over never. 

We're all inept. Our state funded educational system has a great deal of work to do. However, Americans by a long shot and expansive are really savvy. On the off chance that those mechanical issues with government funded schools get settled, we'll be straight up there with the best on the planet. Our college level instruction is great and huge amounts of outsiders come here to examine. In the event that it wasn't that extraordinary, no one would come. 

That Jersey Shore is a precise take a gander at how Americans really are. I abhor demonstrates this way. They locate the greatest idiots in America and film them and demonstrate the entire world their show. At that point individuals who have never set foot here or never went past NYC, L.A., or Disney World believe that we all are that way. The equivalent goes for Teen Mom, Keeping up with the Kardashians, Honey Boo, and so forth. 

All white individuals are racists. White individuals in America get judged unjustifiably with regards to race. It's difficult to see each white individual as a supremacist. It's uncalled for and except if you have met and been able to know each white individual in America, you can't state the greater part of them are bigot.