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What are the things which you begin to realize when you got mature?

Crying doesn't make you juvenile. 

Not worth changing yourself just to give individuals a chance to like you. Rather, act naturally and individuals will like you. 

Wearing marked stuff doesn't characterize your status. 

Individuals' conclusion doesn't and can't characterize your identity however your own supposition does. Their supposition truly doesn't make a difference. You claim assessment towards yourself is what matter. 

Correlation can't inspire you, it can just make you desirous and envy. Simply that. Compare don't as well, simply tend to your very own concerns. 

It's smarter to leave than to contend despite the fact that you are correct. Contending with those low EQ/IQ individuals will simply downsize you. Leaving a contention doesn't mean you are incorrect. 

Following the pattern or the greater part doesn't makes you cool. It makes you 'normal'. 

It's alright to commit errors. Nobody is immaculate and botches doesn't mean we are disappointments. 

The less you possess, the serene and more joyful your life will be. 

Counterfeit a grin regardless of what circumstance you are in.