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How can a person become emotionally strong in life?

In order to become emotionally strong, I believe one should experience heart break. Heart break teaches us lots of lessons which will make us emotionally strong.

Heartbreak from failures for example. Failure is very difficult to accept especially when you did your best and still, you fail. But one should always realize that we cannot let these setbacks defeat us. Instead, we should see this as an avenue for us to learn and become strong. So that finally, when we achieve success, we can realize that those heartbreaks and failures taught us lessons. Taught us that if the solution for that particular problem does not work, we should try and try until we arrive at a solution that will help us become successful.

Heartbreak from relationship separation is another example. After breaking up, one becomes stronger because you know that some relationships do not work and that in order for you to move on, you should learn acceptance. Acceptance that both of you are not for each other. You learn from your past relationship, about the mistakes and in your next relationship, hopefully you will not repeat what you did in the past, hence it makes you stronger and better.

One must experience defeat, failure and heartbreak to appreciate success and to gain strength for the days to come. Instead of seeing them as setbacks, see them as opportunities to grow and learn. I hope my answer helps!


When you have decided to end up emotionally solid/more grounded, you are as of now while in transit to wind up one and it just makes it a lot less demanding for you! 

Well here are few hints that I for one pursued which helped me to wind up one or I can guarantee on the way to getting to be one. I lost my previous partner at an age of 32 that is the point at which I felt world come breaking before me. In any case, that was not the end… . 

Never enjoy self indulgence. Avoid individuals who make you feel frail and erroneously identify and question your psychological quality. 

Leave your usual range of familiarity, such as changing employment or accomplishing something which you felt was constantly outlandish however you needed to do - this gives part of diversion and channels your vitality into concentrating on something gainful. 

Attempt to peruse a considerable measure - anything that diverts you, makes you glad and keeps you propelled. 

Attempt to invest more energy with individuals who move or inspire you. 

Invest quality energy with yourself - attempt to reflect, comprehend what makes you powerless and remain quiet about saying that you are sufficiently able to defeat the circumstance. It may not be simple at first but rather trust me over some stretch of time you would see the enchantment. Our psyche/mind is amazing to the point that we can re-wire it anytime of time. 

Deal with your physical wellbeing - attempt to end up more fit and watch your eating routine. I by one way or another discover this creation us more joyful and more certain. Endeavor to set a course of events and accomplish something which you had not for at some point. Attempt it and discover it for yourself! 

Tune in to music - I discover this as a sustenance for the spirit. 

Never fault/think little of yourself for what made you sincerely feeble. Be thoughtful to yourself and guarantee yourself: "you will be a superior variant of you, for you".