If you can change one thing in yourself (without necessarily being your physical) what would it be?

If I have to change one thing about myself, that would be me always overthinking

First, because sometimes I find myself overthinking too much to the point that I am not able to enjoy the present. For example, being on a trip with someone, I find myself always overthinking about what might go wrong and how will I solve every problem that has the possibility of arising. With that, I can no longer enjoy the moment because I keep on thinking about the negative even before it arrives. I focus more on the future instead of enjoying and savoring the present.

Second, I hate the part of me that overthinks because it hinders my growth. Whenever, I meet a new person I end up overthinking if I did great during the first meeting. If everything that I did was alright, that I am interesting enough for the other party. I think more about what other people think about me which reflects about what I think about myself. It hinders me from meeting new people, exploring new places and opportunities. 

Third and lastly, overthinking keeps me up at night, always. I can't get enough good night's sleep because I spend most of my time lying in bed thinking about possible scenarios that might not even happen. I remember this time I was taking a test, I kept on overthinking if I have filled up the form correctly because I am afraid the checking machine might not be able to detect and accept my answers.

I know overthinking helps me in lots of ways. It helps me control most of my actions and avoid problems but sometimes it gets too much that it becomes so heavy for me. So if I have the ability to change something in my life, that is to control myself from overthinking too much.


I would give myself more courage. I've noticed especially in the last years that I lack a bit in courage and too often I am not trying more and not risking more when I should do that. I am somehow to much "on safe mode" and it seems that this safe mode has had an impact on my life in a way that some opportunities have passed me due to the fact that I didn't had the courage to pursue them and I regret them now. I wish I had much more confidence and courage in me and I am working on it. It's not easy though to develop such a quality but not impossible either. 


I would give myself superior time management skills so I don't waste my precious time on some pointless crap.

The only reason I'm not a millionaire is because I'm lazy.