Can not canceling the visa be a solution to save thousands of lives dying every day by trying to cross the coast illegally?

No that would be a bad solution.

Unfortunately those European countries will not do that as their National Security is at stake.

truth be told that they actually don't want anymore illegal immigrants coming in. They have take in far too many already and don't know what to do with them. Italy, Greece and Malta are turning them away now. Spain is the only one still allowing it buy for how long.

The issue needs to be resolved so they can be sent back home. The governments that are in control of those countries now have to keep the support of their followers otherwise they will lose the next election. Italy has already changed parties now and that is why they say no more.

They are all in agreement that they need to stop this happening and something will happen soon. The Germans are unhappy with Angela Merkel for starting the whole process. This wont be an issue soon as they wont be welcome anywhere and will be sent back.


I don't think that's a good solution

Most people who risk their lives in illegal immigration do so because the conditions in their home countries aren't favourable. They are basically seeking greener pastures.

If we really want to reduce illegal immigration, we need to deal with the problem at its source. Individual countries would have to step up their game.

For instance, I'm a Nigerian. The things we experience in Nigeria are enough reasons to attempt the risky cross over into Europe. Cancelling the visa wouldn't help. But a better Nigerian society would


No, illegal migration is the main source of "refugees" coming to Europe.

To reduce people dying when crossing the coast, European countries should increase repatriation of illegals. That will tell most people trying to cross the sea it is not useful sneaking into European countries as the chance of settling there is low