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What is the minimum amount you can survive on in a single year?
I did this last year. Including the winter. It almost spend some no where you are living. In Toronto, I can technically live on nothing. The food supply is unlimited, I can get a coffee anytime I want for free, and if I do need money, falling asleep in the subway system at bay station while I was charging my iPad, proved to me that I could make 2 dollars anytime just be repeating that. Clothing: I was better dressed a small a homeless person all winter than when i was making 65,000 a year driving long haul and being single with no kids. If I want to have a Starbucks each day, I can do that for 1.98 for any size and have a pour over. I would say that to have a good time, (what I consider a good time) I need about 7 bucks a day over and above housing. And that is free as we'll if you live in a big city like Toronto here in canada. Ah, the life of the hillbilly health scientist/biohacker. Learning new things every day. E-GO 2018
With 20000$ i can survive in a year,that means that i can survive with an income of 2000$ in a month but it also depends on the country where the person in living,in some countries you can survive with 100$ per month