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What would you love to change about the society?
The society of today is fast changing and there are many wrong things starting to look normal or treated as being normal which is wrong,we now live in a society whereby corruption is becoming the order of the day,we now live in a society that people now reward immorality and ignore morality

The first thing i would love to change about the society is that i will love to change the mentality of those that are among many people now believe that someone must be involved in shady deals or business before they can make money

Another thing i would love to change about the society is that i would love people to learn to respect each other and respect the culture or traditions others,i want a society where people will be given freedom of expression and allowed to live their lives the way they deem fit or consider to be the best for them,i want a society where hypocrisy is reduced,

I want a society where people will value education and skills alot,a society where people would believe so much in their dreams and stay determined in other to become great in life
There are a lot of things that I would love to change about the current society or atleast the society that I live in.

I live in Pakistan and I see people crying about how the government can't solve their problems. People are willing to protest, damage public property. But what they are not willing to do is clean up their own mess. If there is a heap of garbage on side of your street and nobody cleans it, why don't you do it yourself. I think that's the best way to record your protest.

I've seen people whine about a shitty educational system and how the the officials can't deliver free and quality educational facilities. Granted, its the state's first and foremost duty to provide such facilities. But my question is to those educated ones, myself included, what do you do about it? I think it's an educated man's duty towards it's society that he passes on what he has learned. The basic principle of being social, being part of a social community(society) is that YOU SHARE. Share whatever you have with anyone who doesn't have it. Share your knowledge, share your skills, share your insights, share your experiences and make others life easier.

When you've climbed the high mountain, make an easier path so that others don't have to face the problems that you faced. This is how I wanna see my society.
Society is a major issue in world and sometimes it just in our mind and all other dont even care. society stop comparing two cousins as everybody have their goals , there time , when it happens they will also do everything,