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I think that musing.io should use the ranking system to determine the questions or answers that their bot will upvote?
They can use the total number of upvotes an answer gets in other to determine which answers will get upvotes or not

Musing has no bot but a team of manual curators. The system works better than any algorithmic curation system. A sufficiently advanced AI to rank answers reliably does not exist.

A moderation / curation team is currently a much better solution than using a bot to determine which posts musing should upvote.

There have been various attempts by different Steem platforms to use bots to determine which posts to upvote. Typically these approaches quickly suffer attack by people looking to scam the system (for example through sybil attack) and the reputation of the site suffers as a consequence.

An alternative / enhancement which could be considered is to give musing contributors a rating based on the quantity and quality of their prior posts, i.e. how much they have contributed to building the Q&A bank in the past, and then use these ratings as weights for the upvotes in determining the best answers.

This is the approach that Utopian uses. It essentially increases the size of the moderation team to trusted members of the community. However even this approach may be gamed at musing since people could quickly gain ranking here (the significant effort required to make a utopian post means this approach is harder to game at utopian).

In summary, a moderation / curation team is probably the best approach available.
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This system is under beta so i think currently it has to attract more customers toward them and due to this the use of bots will not be satisfied at the current time but of course the reputation should be included and everyone should get equal benefit.
I love musing.io because the system included upvotes to right answer and right question so everyone who are working legal and impressive they get paid for their work.
Musing does not have a bot to upvote, its done by a curation team(information available on the discord: https://discord.gg/bRPaJnu). From what the creator of Musing has said publicly, it does not appear as if musing will implement a bot and they will continue to expand their curation team to manually review all questions and answers before deciding which ones are worth of a vote.

First off. 


musing does manual curation. They do not have bots that upvote content. 

Your process would just equal people cheating the system by using bots to prevote their answers so they could get more rewards from musing. 

The way tthey do it now is fantastic. 

We need to first make sure that we clarify some certain things about musing.io,according to
What i read on their discord channel i was
Made to understand that it is not bots that
Musing uses to upvote questions or answers
On their website,everything is done manually i guess

Now back to the issue of creating a ranking
System,well ranking system is going to be very
Good for the website but how will someone know
The right or the best ranking system that will
Enable the right people to get the upvotes
Which they deserve on their questions or answers

I would advice musing.io to start looking for
Good ways to create a good ranking system
That cannot be easily games by spammers but
For now i think we should just enjoy the platfkrm
And give good answers to good questions

Manual curation all the way , it's hard work but that's the right way to do it....

Curators should be rewarded appropriately for their work , is all !!

I say all this only cos I have been getting upvotes from musing curators...just kidding !!

Hmm the ranking system of course would be a good steps to take in order to make sure that those answers that deserves the upvotes are truly the ones reallly getting the upvotes from musing...

But the question is what about if the answers that get low upvotes where really the answers that truly fit the questions asked,does that mean the person who wrote that answer won’t get upvotes from musing since the answers did not get enough upvotes to rank higher in the ranking system

Anyways i think your suggestion is a good one but how can we make sure the advantages is higher than the disadvantages??would also love to hear from other users here too

I much prefer that Musing has a team of manual curators. It is a lot of work to manually curate questions and answers, but I think that this way it is alot less ripe for manipulation. Bots work on code, and code can be manipulated. This is sometimes the problem with Steemit - people learn to game the system for their maximum benefit.

Also if they did it with 'total number of upvotes' then this would just lead to circle voting, and the same people would just end up getting upvotes.