Bitcoin is about hitting the $7000 price. Is it a good time to invest some savings into Bitcoin?

FOMO is never a good reason for investment. Someone who really wants to invest in Bitcoin would have gone in long ago, not now that those who already invested are taking profit...

so NO


I don't think this is the best time to buy Bitcoin because it has already made about 100% gain this year. If there is a correction, those who entered at the 3k range are very likely going to sell off leaving you in heartbreak.

It's safer for you to buy altcoins now because most of them did not rally with Bitcoin and are likely to peak soon.


I am still a newbie in the world of cryptocurrency, and I do not qualify to give any financial advice to anyone.

I just think that this is actually a time for harvesting and not sowing.

This seems like a nice time to reap the fruit of your investment. RIO


Before answering your question i would like to ask you why you have not invested when Bitcoin price was low? why you want to invest in Bull Run this shows that you have not studied properly, I would suggest you give some more time to study and research on Bitcoin behavior. Investment at this time could be risky may be market get crash. you have to wait buy the bitcoin its price is stable and hold it for long term.

At the moment investment in Bitcoin could be risky because most of the Altcoin price is low like Steem, Rise in bitcoin price may be because of flipping of Crypto currency which most of big trader do which requires very high skill of investment and research. this big trader will sell bitcoin at high price and buy Altcoin at low, in that case bitcoin price will crash. It is good sign that Bitcoin showing recovering phase but at same time it is not good time to invest in Bitcoin. 

Crypto market is very volatile, you should only invest what you can afford to lose. Answer of this question is my personal opinion do your own research before investing.


I have been trying to put a little bit into BTC for the past couple of months.  Some of the trends I have been seeing and information I have been getting from various sources seem to indicate that there is potentially going to be another recession right around the corner.  If that does happen, I think it will be really beneficial to be holding some cryptocurrency to help you fill the gap.  I think that the prices of crypto will skyrocket if we see another recession.  The value of the dollar will not going to be worth as much, so that value will need to be transferred to another sector.  I have been thinking about how much I can afford to put aside and I have been doing that.  It definitely isn't as much as I wish I was putting away each month, but like I said, it is what I can afford.  I see it as just another way of investing and hedging my bets vs. whatever is going to come our way in the future.  If you can afford to lose the money if the markets suddenly turn, or you are not going to miss it if you can just hold it in BTC for a while then I say yes, you should definitely be okay investing some money in BTC.  I haven't seen the price yet today, but you don't watn to wait too long because then you will be kicking yourself that you didn't invest when it was $7000.