Can just anyone become rich if he or she works hard enough?

Yes... everybody have potential of being rich no matter the background they came from or other circumstances that might seem like a barrier. Meanwhile....working hard is not exactly what it takes to become rich. Smart work pays more than hard work, it's not by the amount of time given to a work or amount of sweat but the final result.

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  Work hard is not enough, The thing which is more important is work hard with smartness so that you should do more in less span of time. If you are working hard and earning money. you must manage your money in smarter way. Never spend it on useless thing and grow your money with investment planning.

Most of the time hard work does not pay but you should never disappoint and keep working on your plan. For example on Steem at starting stage you have to work hard and once you developed your audience and build solid reputation inside the community. money will automatically come so work hard with patience.  


Hard work is very important but it's not necessarily enough. You need some good luck and you need to be smart as well. Not just educated, but intelligent and savvy. You need to think like an entrepreneur, be able to spot the demand that isn't being fulfilled efficiently and profit by solving that dilemma.


If hard work was the way to riches then most laborers would be very rich, for me

It’s work Hard and most importantly, work smart.