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Is it advisable to flirt with strangers?

The truth YES..!!

One of my hobbies is to flirt with beautiful girls, IT'S NOT JUST SEX ...

You learn a lot with each person you know and you can even create networks of friends, each person has a network of friends, which you can add to your network.

Each person is a different world, and I love meeting new people every day ..

It also helps you to be a better person, helps you in social and psychological aspects.

And the best part is that if you have a million friends you have a million opportunities for everything, projects or situation that you decide to start.

GO sees flirt with strangers


Every friend was once a stranger. So it's not wrong to flirt with a stranger for as long you respect their boundaries and don't do in a way it would make them uncomfortable.



How else are you gonna get a girl friend?

Their not all going to flirt back though, that's the only problem...



If you are in a relationship then no. You have to avoid looking at other man or woman. Be loyal and faithful. Flirting is a temptation, it can break the relationship. Have limitations.