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What are some of the cute stuffs a couple can do to stay in touch besides texting each other?

It's normal for coupled who are in love to want to text all the time as it is a way of saying I'm thinking about you but there are some other cute stuff a couple can do to stay in touch besides texting each other all day.

1. Calls: calling is a way to stay connected for couples although it is normal there is a way to do it and it looks cute. Little calls during your busy schedule just to say "I just thought about you now" or "I miss you" and then hang up is s really cute way to let your partner know that you've got them in mind.

2. Making Dinner time a gist time: you both had a long day with lots of activities that may have made you happy, angry sad or indifferent. It will be a good time to talk about it during dinner. This helps couples bond.

3. Exchange of pictures: this is a really cute way to stay connected. I have a friend who does this a lot and it's simple. Just take a picture of you at a particular moment during the day and send it to your partner with a funny caption. This gets them laughing and also wanting to reciprocate. This way you are creating a bond.

4. Video calls or FaceTime.: this is really important for long distant relationship couples but also necessary for couples that ain't far from each other. A video call once in a while or a fact time helps both of you to stay connected without having to feel the distance between you.

5. Surprise breakfast/lunch/dinner: this has been known to strengthen emotional bond between couples over the years and increase the love and affection couples share. Such surprised are always pleasant.

These are the few ways I believe couples can still stay connected without having to text all day.