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Should sex education be encouraged in schools?


I will share an experience to buttress my point. As a Sunday school teacher in my church I teach the children and these kids are within the ages of 9-15. One of the Sunday mornings when I was done with the class, one of the girls stood up and her white gown was stained with blood. The little girl panicked and started to cry. She believed she must have had an injury. On inquiry I discovered she's been having the symptoms of the coming period but because she lacked sex education, she didn't know it was her period coming. Giving her tissue to use until we could buy a pad for her, she was clueless how to use tissue and I was shocked. I remembered my younger sister saw her period at age 9 and she knew everything about it before it came because I taught her.

This is one of the reason why sex education should be encouraged in schools. Parents feel really uncomfortable discussing these issues with their kids. Children grow up and must experience puberty. The stage of puberty is confusing with the various body changes. They need to understand why their body is changing and what it means and how it can be handled. They need to understand that with these body changes comes maturity and if not well handled can result in regrets.

They need to be guided by an adult and not have to result to surfing the net or meeting friends. These can have some misleading information. After the incident in my Sunday school class I have been thinking of starting a project i title, "One girl a pad and one boy, a condom " where I would distribute sanitary pads and condom to secondary school kids educating them on the subject of sex but I have not had time to even begin.

Sex education is very necessary.


Yes, of course it should. There are so many people that don't really know how sex really is, and learn it from sources such as watching porn. The latter will definitely give them a very skewed belief as to how sex really is, so it would be much better to get the information from a neutral source that teaches people to respect each other, their boundaries, etc. I really do not see any disadvantage to having sex education in schools. 


I'm a Nigerian. In Nigeria, parents have a habit of ignoring everything sexual concerning their children, expecting them to know. To somehow know because it's uncomfortable for them to have to talk about it with kids.

As far as I'm concerned, sex education in schools should be more than encouraged. It should be imposed. I say so because either we teach the children what is right and wrong or they will go out and make mistakes before they learn it by themselves. Children go through puberty, experiencing changes in their bodies and many of them are lost and confused as to what's happening to them and even more importantly, why they've begun to see the opposite sex in a new light. Without guidance, they will make mistakes, very irrevocable mistakes that can affect them throughout their lifetime.


We can teach them sex education. Guide them through puberty and adolescence. Help them understand the birds and the bees so that they don't make reckless decisions that they'll regret.


Yes! Most kids nowadays are educating themselves in sex through watching porn. Creating a twisted and perverted image of what sex is. This is bad on so many levels and could lead to big problems, or at least huge dissapointment. 

The better question would be is "Why sex education isn't a regular class in all schools already?"

Because the system want's us to watch porn, be perverted and have a sick and twisted  idea of what sex is. Sex is so much more than just emptying your balls. It's true connection and love. Understanding one another on a completely different level and caring for each other unconditionally.