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What measures could be put in place to aid Africa catch up with the rest of the world?

Firstly, our mentality has to change as Africans.

We say we are independent of the west but the truth is that we are not. Our actions only portray our dependence on them. We need to carry that mentality that we can survive on our own and make use of what we have to develop ourselves not running to them for everything.

Secondly, we also need to value ourselves be it im education and the proffessionals we have in Africa. There is no need training professionals in Africa and then when contracts are available we call foreign companies to handle them. That means we don't even value what we have or the people we train here in Africa.

Thirdly and most importantly, African countries have a terrible record of political leadership. The wrong leaders are the principal reasons why most african countries continue to sink in poverty. Democracy is a thing of theory in Africa and most leaders voted in most at times are forced out of power. We need to develop and follow democracy as a method of political rule. Leaders should be voted in and they should leave when their term expires so that maybe what they could not achieve, another can give it a try too.


Setting up manufacturing companies and exporting it's products to other countries.

Most countries in Africa are under-developed while few are developing. The only way to be at par with others is to start manufacturing commodities. This means, more citizens will be employed in this companies and more products are exported out. It will increase their per capita income and strengthen their currency.

The next will be co-operation between the countries by strengthening the African Union with forward thinking policies.


The african leaders need to find creative ways to create policies that would make their countries work

better,they need to create alot of infrastructural

development and they should put an end to corruption because the biggest problem that is faced by many african countries is the fact that there is alot of

corruption going on in those countries especially in the government of those countries...i believe more

infrasturctures creation will make more citizens of those african countries to become gainfully employed and make their countries better....