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If you had the chance to be the CEO of Facebook for 24 hours, what changes would you make?

The first thing I'll do is to access as much information as I can and have it backed up in my private and secured servers. From there I'll have it uploaded on to the internet. The information I want is the secret kind - the one that stays hidden deep in the financial books. 

I was never a fan of Facebook but on the other hand it is not my call to let a company live or die. The best way is to let the people have the information and let them decide as to what they want to do with it.

So, if I were to become the CEO of Facebook for 24 hours, then I would collect all the information they like to keep hidden and then disseminate it all to the public.


Facebook is a sophisticated place I think there is a lot more going with facebook I'd say very hidden that the populace using facebook does not know.

First I as a person know that cryptocurrency and dapps are the future, I'll find a way to remove the restriction placed on cryptocurrency promotions by facebook and also personally make it possible for people to promote dapps like dtube on facebook.

I'll like the social media to be tokenized so I'll promote the ad of cryptocurrency on facebook first and foremost because it's important.