Is it possible to get rid of snoring during sleep, and how?

Yes, it is most often possible to stop snoring and there are a plethora of tips that might help, a bit. Maybe they work for you, maybe they don't. 

If your snoring really is a problem, it is best to consult a doctor, who will send you to a specialized sleeping clinic, as snoring is often accompanied by Apnea, which means you stop breathing in your sleep, which can potentially be dangerous in the long run. The doctors will find the best way to help you with your snoring problem, depending on what is actually causing it.


so as not to snore while sleeping, these are powerful tips.

1. Sleep with an Oblique Position

Then, make it a habit to sleep on a sloping position. That way, the incoming oxygen flow becomes smoother.

2. Face Sports

How, open your mouth, then advance the lower jaw for ten seconds. Then, do also exercise sticking out the tongue for as long as possible for ten seconds. These two movements can help us strengthen the jaw, throat and tongue muscles. Do these two movements several times a day so we don't snore anymore.

3. Drink enough water

we will become dehydrated if the water in our body is lacking. Dehydration can be a trigger for the appearance of snoring during sleep.

4. Lower weight

Fat people have excess fat folds around the neck. The fat fold makes the flow of oxygen become obstructed. As a result, we will have difficulty breathing and snoring. So reduce your weight to make it easier.

5. Air Moisturizing Tool

use an air humidifier to clean the air around. because air that is not unclean also has the potential to make you snore


Yes it is. My father in law snored like crazy. It turns out it was a form of sleep apnia. He got a CPAP machine that helps control and aid his breathing at night and his snoring stoped and he said he has a lot more energy during the day since he gets a really good night sleep now.


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