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What are some of the advantages of a high IQ?

Well you have to agree with me that not all things actually require you to be smart or to have a high intelligence quotient to do, but there are certain things which a person with a high IQ will be able to do that a person with an average-low IQ simply won't be able to do or will at best find difficult. This fact serves as the basis for why it's more beneficial to have a higher IQ than others, so as far as the benefits of having a high IQ, they're as follows;

1. Healthier Brain: Well we all know that we can have a healthy body, anything from a strong heart to a good liver can be attributed to a healthy diet and exercise, but when it comes to the brain, a mark of a high IQ is a healthier and more fit brain. People with high IQs often have brains that perform tasks, understand and solve problems faster than others.

2. Better employability: People with high IQs tend to be more employable than people with average or low IQs because of their cognitive abilities. Companies recognise that people with high IQs have better problem solving capabilities as well as knowledge assimilation and as such they become flexible and can thrive in just about any situation or position.

3. Innovative minds: It's not surprising that alot of people who have made world changing discoveries all around the world and in different time periods have been touted with having extremely high IQs. They see and understand things much faster than normal people and while we're still trying to understand the problem, they're already halfway done fixing it . Their cognitive abilities let them perceive problems before others do, and they equally see innovation before others do as well, as such they're always at the forefront of the next big thing in every industry.

4. People of the future: Jobs are moving towards more specialised areas and to be able to keep up with the changes, you have to be smart enough to do it. Now there are ways of boosting your IQ, that's for sure, but if you dont do that then the world is going to move forward and leave you behind.

These are but a few benefits of having a high IQ, I'm sure there are disadvantages as well but if you ask me, the advantages far out way them.

I hope this helps.


There are so many advantages to having a high IQ, that it's likely impossible to list them all. 

One example of a benefit or advantage of having a high IQ, would be the ability to think outside the box, and make considerable income on the Steem blockchain. It's not an easy thing to do, but people do it all the time. I would consider them to be highly intelligent and innovative. 

That is just one example. The more intelligent a person is, the greater the potential for advantage is present in all of life's aspects.