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Is just anyone qualified to answer any question on the Musing platflorm?

Yes, anyone is  qualified to answer any question on the Musing platform. To answer the question, you have to have Steemit account. Musing does not put any restrictions about who can or cannot answer the question.

I see people are asking question on Musing about different things. At the same time people are giving answer based on their experience and expertise.

I'm passionate about life, healthy lifestyle, fitness, and mindset. When I give answer, it is around on these areas. You should ask yourself what you are passionate about and what you know very well. Then find the answer related to these topics. You can easily find these questions on Musing. You can click on the related tag on Musing home page. And you will see questions that are around that topic.

When you give any answer, just be specific and give the answer in such a way that everyone can understand. You can explain more or give example for that. Length does not matter. Just make it clear what you are saying. That's it. Hope this answers your question. 


Musing has open access. It is open to anybody and everybody on the steem blockchain with a registered and approved steemit account .

There's no special qualifications for answering any question other than a good knowledge of the answer to the question. Like I tell people, you can't give what you don't have.

I for instance I'm very selective of the questions I answer. I focus on questions relating to life and relationships. I wouldn't say that is my area of specialization but those are the areas I really don't need to make any consultation online before giving an answer because my answers on such subjects are borne from my knowledge and everyday life experiences.

As a clue to answering questions on musing, it is important that you answer the following questions.

1. How much information do you have about the subject question? Answering a question on musing is like teaching another person what you already know. How well you explain yourself is a function of how well you understand the question and how much you know in terms of answer.

2. Can you explain yourself articulately? It's one thing to know something and another to be able to make someone else understand like you do. It's of no use if someone else cannot understand what you've written because of wrong use of English, wrong spellings or wrong punctuations.

3. In how many paragraphs can you explain your answers? I know that answers are not all about length because if you don't know what you're saying or writing, it would make no difference whether it was a hundred words answer or 500 words. But I like to take every question as an exam and break it down in such a way that even a lay man can understand. In doing this, I sure would need more than two paragraphs because it is hard for you to be able to convey a message that requires explanation in just a line, two or three.

In summary, keep in mind that you must have a good knowledge of the subject, must be able to explain your answers in clear and understandable English and you must not miss out details for clarity sake irrespective of how long or short it may seem.


Qualified? Probably not

Allowed/Able to? Most definitely.

If all you are looking for is a definition or simple explanation to why is the sky blue you are probably better off using Google or Wikipedia to get your answer. If it is based solely on fact and can be answered in a sentence or two other sources are much better suited for those type of questions.

Where musing shines is in asking open ended questions. Questions that invoke and evoke thought and discussion, where there is no single "correct" answer.

Where an opening question can lead to more questions and further discussion and knowledge is what makes musing (and of course quora) so great at what they do.

While any individual might not be "qualified" to answer a question, all individuals are free to give their life experience, their thoughts, their philosophies on a platform such as this.

So in my mind, the question asked is just as important as the answer given and if that is "qualified" as well


I would say so but are they correct? Most of them probably are but there is a lot of open ended questions so the answer could be many things.

If you were after something specific you are probably better of looking through a search engine like Google. This is going to be a lottery on those types of answers. My middle name is not Wikipedia and I don't have all sorts of knowledge stored in my head.

If it is something I know I will answer it but in laymans terms so everyone can understand it including myself. I will not fall into a copy and paste crowd which I have seen already here but answers that genuinely come from me.


Well it is a quite important question

Anyone with a Steem account on any Dapp can have access to Musing / any steem Blockchain dapp thus anyone can be into Musing and answer any question that the user wants to.

Now coming to the qualification, which is the most important thing in here. 

Once you answer a question you are giving direction to the user who have asked the question. He/She is asking the question because the user is not aware of the answer, so your answer will act as a guidance to that question. 

Many more users will read your answers and will follow your words so qualification is indeed needed in here for those topics that you answer. Answer those questions that you have knowledge of/ you have faced those situations or you are an expert in those fields. Make your answer as easy as possible for the user.

You are sharing your knowledge with others which is a gift that you are passing on.