Do you think humans may inhabit SPACE in the future ?

Yes, I do believe that and I also believe that we're meant to do that. I don't know when it's going to happen and how long will it pass until we see this happening, but I believe in the future humans will inhabit space. 

How many of us will live by then and how many of the inhabitants of the Earth will actually do that is hard to predict. We, as a species, have explored and settled ourselves in all sort of environments and I don't see why not inhabit space also.

By now I think that the tech that we have couldn't made this possible, but I think that over years we will make the needed improvements in this sector and achieve this also. I, for example, wouldn't like to live in space, but I am sure it will be possible in the future. 

However, I hope that the reason for humans to inhabit space to not be the fact that our species has destroyed planet Earth. I sure wouldn't like to know that will happen. 


Considering the fact that the Moon landing was without a doubt faked and that we can't go out of low earth orbit (1200 miles away ) which NASA admitted to many times before, I would say no. Not in the near future. Maybe 100 years from now. Who knows. But at the time being, we can't even go past 1200 miles away from Earths surface.

Don't beleive me? There are many videos of NASA admitting it. One can be found here and I'm sure that you will find many more if you just Google it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JdyhC7RtOkg



That's gonna be a little complicated, studies have shown that the atmospheres of all the planets in our solar system are uninhabitables, either because of their chemical composition or any other aspect.

It is already difficult to reach even the farthest planets of our system due to the distance that separates us.

The humanity throughout the years has shown us that it can be overcome more and more but in this case I think is very complicated that someday we can live among the stars.