You just found out that your beloved girlfriend has HIV, would you leave her ?

No, of course not.

Besides, there is a big difference between HIV and AIDS an with current evolution of science and therapy, HIV doesn’t necessarily evolve to the level of AIDS anymore, thanks to current antiretroviral drugs available, and thus doesn’t necessarily result in a terminal illness.

But without treatment HIV will almost always evolve to the stage of AIDS, which is much more difficult to treat than AIDS. AIDS is the evolved stage of HIV, after HIV has already pretty much taken over the immunity system and a person’s CD4 cell count, a type of white blood cells, has drastically lowered.

Currently available antiretroviral therapy (ART) usually slows down the progress of the HIV virus, that often by undermining its ability to attack healthy cells and instead forcing it to use weak cells, or alternatively by adapting cells so the HIV virus can not find root on the system’s immunity.

While there is no cure for HIV yet, in recent years/decades it has become more and more common for HIV-positive patients to live long and rather healthy lives. For those with access to treatment, being HIV-positive doesn’t need to have any negative impact on their life anymore.

A reason to leave my partner? Absolutely not. Just like I wouldn’t if they had cancer or any other terminal illness. Instead, aside from assiting them, I would make sure that we both had access to modern and proven to work therapy and could extend our lives as much as possible - all while not letting the virus evolve into AIDS but instead slowing its growth.


Definitely not, if she is my beloved girlfriend. I would rather give her all the possible treatments to live a good life. And if I also have it ( because she has  😝 ) , then I would love her more , stick with her and die together 😎


No, because by the time I found out I would have probably gotten it myself. WHat I would do though, is to spend the rest of my life with her, trying to get better through natural remedies which exist and an be effective. Great, organic fruits and vegetables can cure or at least stop from deveoping many disseases and I see no reason why it wouldn't help wit HIV. It might not cure it but it will definitely help us live a longer and happier life.


Well what i am about to say might sound weird or crazy but i just need to be realistic and do not want to pretend here,,if i found my girlfriend to be HIV and i myself is not infected and i discovered that she got the infection from another guy then i will quit the relationship but if she got

infected through other ways which is not sexual then i will gladly stick with her and assist her to ensure that she gets the best treatment that she needs to get in other to be able to fight the virus....i will not leave her and i will stick with her but if she got the virus through cheating on me then i will definitely leave her....