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Which traits of other people intimidate you?

As human beings we are not perfect and we are born to make mistakes which makes us fall into shortcomings when relating with other people.

The fact is that I may feel intimidated with some attitude or characters you put towards me and you may also feel intimidated with some of my habit. Also, sometimes what makes me feel intimidated about some habit you posses may not really affect some people because "one man's food is another man's poison".

Actually, I do get intimidated by some traits possessed by some people because I just detest and hate such traits about them. I will list these traits and give valuable explanation to support my reasons.

1) SELF CENTRED ATTITUDE TRAITS: I hate it when you are just very much concerned about yourself without considering other people. These set of people love to he helped but they can't help others. These set of people also love to be receiving things from others but they can't give out to others. They are not compassionate, they just love to do things that favours them without considering harming others provided it will be the best for them.

A good example of these set of people can be traced on Steemit. There are some people who love to be upvoted by other people but these people won't even upvote anyones posts. You see them upvoting their post alone without bothering about those who helped them. The sad truth is that if everyone decides to be self centered on Steemit, I am sure some people would have left Steemit except for the whales. If you want to be successful, make other people learn to make others successful also.

I was chanced to read a conversation from musing discod where some people like @runicar, @littleboy and @I[awesomianist] were part to witness the conversation.

Someone asked @jonching about if musing curators engage in self upvotes due to their influence. The fact is that none of the curators engage in such habit because musing doesn't reward curators like @rzs, @chuckie and @shreyaftertomorrow because they are part of the team. Do you think if @jonching and other musing team members were self centred in traits, do you think you will earn upvote for your activities on musing? Do you think you will want to start asking questions and posting answers on musing? Do you also think musing will have more users from the Steemit if they engage in such act? The answer is NO!. The fact is that this people are considerate about others such that they sacrifice their lives time and resource just to support and help others.

Let's try as much as possible to do away with self centred attitude because it makes you stingy and you can never be considerate or compassionate about others..

2) LIVING A FAKE LIFE : Mhen! I hate this kind of trait to the core! This mostly happens on social media where you see people pretending to be living over their standards. I hate it when you aren't real or true to yourself such that you just keep faking everything about yourself because you want to look great in people's sight.

I do tell people that I may not be rich for now, but that doesn't means I will remain like this forever. I believe when it's time, I will surely shine and glow like the stars.

Stop living a fake life and start staying true to yourself because you become more valuable to yourself if you believe in what you do and love yourself.

3)TELLING LIES: Making false statements is now something that has grown very wide amongst everyone. I don't like it when you lie to me during serious occasions. I love to hear the truth and I love honest people.

When you are a truthful person, you gain more trust from others and people feel save with you naturally. Telling lies has also led to the misfortune of some people, it had led to lots of divorce and broken home because the partner may just decide to form a great lie claiming to love his or wife or husband while the love isn't genuine sincerely.

Also, some people do make mistakes of telling lies when answering questions because they just want to earn money from musing. The fact is if you are the type that answer questions you have no knowledge about, you fall into this category. It is best for you not to answer the question or just make research before posting your answer to the questioner. Don't be too greedy for the reward and start misleading people because of your greed.

I don't really like it when people tell lies and no religion permits telling lies. Let's try as much as possible to be honest in everything we do.

4) LACKING CONTENTMENT :None of my close friends have this kind of traits in them because I don't mingle with friends that aren't contented with what they have. You have to be contented and satisfied with what you have so that you can become a happy person.

Whenever you compare yourself to others greater than you, you become sad and regretful such that you will be finding different ways to get what others have. This makes you to be part of the competition and you will surely find all means of getting what such people are having no matter the outcome.

These kind of people can do anything just to get what others are having and some of them don't mind sacrificing their friends to get what they want. Some characters of such people is that they develop envy, Jealousy and hatred.

I don't actually roll with such people because you may harm me secretly just to get what you want and I hate this type of traits.

5) PEOPLE WITH HIGH NEGATIVITY: If you want success for yourself, stay away from these kind of people. They can bring you down with their negative thoughts and actions.

I don't have time for people with this traits because they kill my motivation and positivity just like water kills fire. That's why I roll with positive people who motivate me and can bring the best out of me.

6) WICKEDNESS TRAITS PEOPLE : I don't go near wicked people and I don't make friends with them. I just love to walk and talk peace and not with fight and harm.

I hate the trait of wickedness in people because these people don't have mercy on others. They don't care about what will happen to you if they intend to harm you. I don't even go near such people not to talk of mingle with them because I am just a very young person striving to bring out the best in me.

These are the types of traits I hate in people and just as I have stated earlier, "one man's food is another man's poison". You may like those types of traits when dealing with people but as for me I dislike such traits.

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps.


Well I'm not an easy person to intimidate by any standards because I'm very confident in myself and in what I can do, but I can't get but get a little intimidated when I see people who are a tad bit over confident.

It's intimidates me because I can never seem to figure out what's going through over confident people's minds and it makes me wonder what it is exactly that's giving them such confidence. My confidence level is always hi and it never goes down no matter what, but seeing people more confident than me makes me feel some type of way.

I believe that whatever it is that's giving you confidence might be able to trump whatever I bring to the table. However, all the over confident people I've met tend to actually just be pretending to be over confident so that people either get intimidated or don't realise that they can't actually do much.

Whatever the case, over confident people still intimate me a bit.


I won't call it intimidation, rather I would call it being cautious. There are some traits that when I observe in someone, may make me start acting cautious whenever I'm around such person. Such traits include;

Pride, over zealousness, intolerance, aggressiveness, high intelligence, over confidence, self connectedness etc.

Some of these traits are actually good traits but they make me conscious of myself and environment. So whenever I observe some of these traits in anyone, I start being cautious.


PRIDE! That's what I hate most in my life. People who boast their success and shout out lout of what they have in life. Being so much high in yourself to the point that you literally step on other people's foot. This is a big red flag to me that I really got intimidated with. I used to be a humble person and down to earth. I don't normally bring achievements and something that I achieved in life for delicate matters. That's why I stayed away with friends having high self value for themselves. 

I also got intimidated with people who exaggerate things. The way they see their problems that they feel is so much a heavy burden for them when in fact, I think of it as an easy solution problem. Things like "I can't buy this kind of soap, I can't watch movie anymore, I don't have a good nose, I'm not having new clothes today". Common! There's more to life than that. People even can't eat 3 times a day because they can't! 

Those two are my most hated traits. If I know a person who has something like that, I immediately cut them off in life. I feel its very toxic for me.